Roads and Stays Episode 13 Recap: Brews Traveling With the Harvest Hosts Ale Blazers


Meet Nita and Glenn Hughes, the Harvest Hosts AleBlazers and the couple behind Cubby Van Life. Two years ago, they embarked on an extraordinary journey, selling their possessions, including their house, and moving into a 2019 Ram Pro Master 1500, all in pursuit of a nomadic lifestyle filled with adventure. Their story revolves around travel, exploration, and, of course, their love for craft beverages, primarily beer and distilled spirits. In episode 13 of Roads and Stays Audio Magazine, we delve into their unique van life experience, their work as Ale Blazers for Harvest Hosts, and the thrill of combining travel and good beer.

The Birth of Cubby Van Life

Cubby Van Life came into existence two years ago when Nita and Glenn retired and decided to hit the open road. Since then, they’ve been living life on wheels, constantly moving and exploring new horizons. What makes their journey even more interesting is Nita’s background as a retired video producer. Even in retirement, she continues doing what she loves – making videos.

YouTube Channel Beginnings

With a passion for videography, Nita started a YouTube channel called Cubby Van Life. Initially, the channel focused on something unique – Van Life cocktails. They took their love for mixology on the road, creating content that combined their two passions: travel and cocktails. Additionally, they explored Van Life food and documented their culinary experiences on the road. But it was their visits to breweries that set them on an unexpected path.

Brewery Adventures

Nita and Glenn’s love for breweries and distilleries naturally led them to create content about these establishments. They began visiting breweries across America, documenting their experiences, and sharing them on their YouTube channel and Instagram. This made them the natural fit for Harvest Hosts Ale Blazers.

Harvest Hosts and the Ale Blazers

As Ale Blazers, Nita and Glenn travel the United States, visiting Harvest Hosts’ breweries and distilleries, and creating video reviews of these unique establishments. Their role combines their passion for travel, craft beverages, and videography.

Over the past five months, they’ve traveled from New Mexico to Ohio, and even ventured into Canada and Baja California. Their journey took them through various states, exploring local breweries and distilleries along the way. They’ve documented 27 such locations so far, each offering a unique experience and flavor.

Discovering New Destinations Through Beer Travel

Their travels have led them to unexpected destinations. For example, they planned to visit Grand Rapids, Michigan, after discovering it was named the best beer city in the United States. Their flexibility and curiosity make every stop an opportunity to explore something new.

For Nita and Glenn, good beer isn’t just a beverage; it’s a journey of taste and exploration. They appreciate the craft of making beer and the diversity of flavors that independent breweries offer. Good beer also represents the essence of a place, known as “terroir,” where local ingredients and traditions influence the taste of the beer. Their love for beer adds a unique dimension to their travels, making each destination a flavorful experience.

Beer travel is a burgeoning trend that combines exploration and beer appreciation. Instead of simply traveling and enjoying a beer at the end of the day, Cubby Van Life’s journey revolves around beer, visiting breweries and distilleries as destinations. This approach allows them to experience the culture, nuances, and terroir of each place, enhancing their overall travel experience.

Learn The Full Story

Cubby Van Life’s story is a testament to the joy of exploration, the love of craft beverages, and the freedom of life on the road. Through their YouTube channel, they inspire others to discover the beauty of combining travel and the flavors of local breweries and distilleries. As they continue their journey, they exemplify the spirit of adventure and the allure of good beer on the open road. Listen to the full episode here and follow their travels on Instagram and YouTube to join them in their ongoing adventure. 

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