Winter RV Camping in Baja California

One of the greatest benefits of RV travel is that you can take your RV anywhere that you want to go. In the winter months, many travelers enjoy heading to the warmer southern states of the US to avoid the cold and chase seventy degrees. This naturally includes the southern regions of Florida, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California, where the weather stays warm and mild year round. However, for those willing to travel outside the United States, there are many beautiful winter destinations in Mexico, as well. RV travelers can access Baja California via the Arizona and California borders. All of these locations are within a few short hours of the border and provide plenty of opportunities for winter fun in the sun. Continue on for a full list of travel destination suggestions, as well as a list of tips for taking your RV to Mexico.

1. Bodegas San Rafael Winery & Vineyards

Many travelers enjoy visiting the wine countries of both southern Arizona and southern California. But did you know that Baja California also has a world-renowned wine country? Bodegas San Rafael Winery and Vineyards has been operating as one of the finest wine producers in Baja since 2000. This beautiful location allows Harvest Hosts members to park beside the winery entrance in a lovely setting, surrounded by the nearby hills, vineyards, and on-site animals, including ostriches. Tastings of the winery’s thirteen wine varietals are available anytime, but with advance notice, you can request a tour with a wine and meal pairing. Meals are prepared by Lui Hussong, an excellent chef, who helps to operate the winery beside his father, Ricardo. RVs of any size are permitted, and the location is pet-friendly and boasts nearby hiking opportunities.

2. Los Olivos RV Park

If you want to see more of the coastal regions of Baja, then you should be sure to check out Los Olivos RV Park. This fantastic campground is very affordable and has all the amenities you can imagine in just about twenty minutes drive from the beach. The park itself was built around an olive grove, which is where it derives its name. Many of the sites are built around the olive trees, making for some lovely views to wake up to. Pricing for RV camping is reasonable and includes full hookups, as well as access to the park’s amenities. These include a swimming pool, playground for children, various sports, and more. If you plan to stop and camp, be sure to check out the cute nearby towns and the tropical beaches just a few short miles away.

3. Vinos Dubacano

Wine lovers from everywhere will surely love this beautiful winery in the town of San Vincente, just thirteen miles from the beach. The Vinos Dubacano winery is built beside 300 acres of beautiful vineyards, and Harvest Hosts members are invited to park overnight on a hill above the vineyards and orange groves. The camping is nice and quiet, and the nearby tasting room offers a selection of white and red wines, all made by the same generation of winemakers that own and operate the property. The winery operates a farmer’s market on the weekends, and there are plenty of nearby hiking and biking trails.

4. El Valle RV Park

Nestled further into the Valle de Guadalupe in beautiful Mexican wine country, campers will find El Valle RV Park. Here, campsites are spacious and surrounded by nearby fields, with views in every direction. The sunsets are spectacular, and the campground is in close proximity to a variety of nearby vineyards and just a short drive from the beach. There are nine full hookups RV spaces, and there are also old wine barrel dwellings for rent. Those traveling through the valley should make time for a short stop here, even if just to relax and explore the nearby vineyards.


Travelling to another country entirely may seem daunting. However, these couple of tips and tricks should help anyone wanting to visit Baja in their home on wheels.

1. Purchase Mexican insurance.

Auto insurance policies can be a bit tricky when in another country. Be sure to cover yourself by adding onto your insurance plan.

2. Drive during daylight hours.

Many Mexican highways are dimly lit and windy. Because of this, it is typically safest to drive during the daytime and rest in the evenings.

3. Bring spare parts

If you have an older rig or an RV that tends to need frequent repairs, it may be best to travel with spare parts on you. Some parts can be hard to find, and bringing backups will ensure you are covered.

4. Be prepared to have your rig thoroughly searched.

When reentering the United States after your travels, you will need to be prepared to have your RV fully searched. Not every RV gets fully inspected, but it is common for larger rigs. Have all declarable items ready for inspection to ensure things go smoother.

Traveling to Mexico in your RV makes for fun in the sun and the sand even in the cold winter months. Any of these locations would make for excellent RV camping, and there are lots of great places to choose from. Next winter, plan to spend some time down in Baja for a reprieve from the cold and the enjoyment of warm, tropical waters and all day sun.

Have you taken your RV down to Mexico? How was the experience? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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  1. Chief
    11th December, 2020

    I’ve been camping Baja for a few years now, and have never had a bad time. Last trip we brought a 14’ skiff and an outboard and went fishing, mostly on the Sea of Cortez side. I get my insurance through Costco and 1 trick I learned is the longer you get the insurance for, the less expensive it becomes, so be sure to ask about the 6 month and 1 year rates!!!
    The worst part of each trip has been going through USA customs. The list of no’s is extensive, be sure you do NOT haul fruit, wood, etc back stateside with you.

    1. Sam Leash
      29th December, 2020

      Sounds like you’ve had some awesome trips. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!

      1. Sam Leash
        16th February, 2021

        Stateside refers to being back in the United States, when returning from Mexico or any other international country.

  2. Kathe
    23rd May, 2020

    We have camped in Baja all the way to the southern tip and in Latin America all the way to Panama City, Panama. There are dozens of opportunities for safe and lovely camping In Baja particularly if you can boondock. If you have a high clearance, 4WD vehicle there are really gorgeous, remote beaches.

    Many of the roads in Baja have very narrow or nonexistent shoulders so, if you’re not a particularly competent driver, passing other large vehicles can be intimidating.

    In addition to informing your insurance company that you will be camping in Mexico, you must also purchase Mexican liability insurance. Lewis and Lewis is the company we use for that.

    Reply moderated
    1. Sam Leash
      29th June, 2020

      Thanks so much for all these excellent tips, Kathe!

  3. Don
    12th February, 2020

    We stayed in Encenada and San Felipe last winter and had a very memorable time. Locals were friendly and absolutely no issues.

    1. Sam Leash
      12th February, 2020

      Glad to hear you had such a nice experience! San Felipe is lovely. 🙂

    2. Dave iacarella
      14th December, 2020

      Are you going this year.
      I was thinking of trying to cross the border in early January any advice