RV Camping on a Farm with Harvest Hosts

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Those who have spent the night at a Harvest Hosts location know that it’s nothing like staying at an RV park. Harvest Hosts strives to provide unique camping experiences that can enrich your travels. This allows members to visit a variety of different places they may have otherwise never seen. When you have the opportunity to stay at a farm, winery, brewery, golf course, or any other kind of local attraction, you have a comfortable place to stay for the night, while also lending your support to a local, typically family-owned business. Most hosts offer pull thru parking that can accommodate large rig sizes, but check their host pages for host-specific information.

Oftentimes Hosts will happily educate their guests about their business or farm. Some may even take guests on a tour of the production at a winery or brewery. This allows campers to see a variety of unique processes and maybe even learn something new.

Introducing Kraay’s Market & Garden

One such Host can be found at Kraay’s Market & Garden in Bellevue, Idaho. After running a successful horse bedding business, Larry Kraay’s dream was to retire on a farm while raising Arabian horses. Sherry Kraay has always been enthusiastic about gardening, farming, and livestock. Together, this couple has combined their passions to create Kraay’s Market & Garden, where they can share their produce with the surrounding town, and any RVers passing through. 

In 2013, the Kraays began a plant-based lifestyle. Their new way of eating, combined with their wishes to grow their own produce led to the expansion of their business. Since they already owned the horse farm, adding a greenhouse and expanding their gardens was the next logical step that allowed them to transform this hobby into a business. The demand for their produce was significant enough to continue expanding and eventually add another greenhouse in 2015. They eventually teamed up with other local individuals to include additional organic produce, hand-crafted items, and a variety of specialty foods. In 2017, they expanded their market to include online ordering to make home deliveries more seamless. They now offer fresh eggs and over thirty varieties of fruits and vegetables.

Kraay’s Market & Garden today

Soon after expanding their business, the Kraay’s began giving tours of the farm to visitors of all ages. They sometimes even welcome entire classrooms of children. Between the farm animals, egg hunting, veggie picking, and other farm chores, this quickly became a family favorite. The natural outcome of opening their doors to visitors, was to open their parking lot to RVers by joining the Harvest Hosts programs as Hosts. “A lot of people don’t get to have a farm experience,” said Sherry, when talking about becoming a partner with Harvest Hosts. “And it’s fun to be able to share that with people.” 

Meet the Pykes’

Eli and Kelly Pyke, along with their young children Dakota and Isabelle, are full-time RVers of over two years. In 2018, the Pykes filmed and produced The Far Green Country, a documentary detailing their life on the road. This short film depicts all the ups and downs of this young couple seeking to rekindle their marriage by getting back to their common love of nature. Be sure to watch their film on Amazon (and other platforms) to learn more about them and their journey, while also maybe inspiring your own adventures.

The Pykes’ visit to Kraay’s Market & Garden

As Harvest Hosts members, the Pykes were delighted when they came across this incredible Host location in Idaho. The Kraays’ Farm was one stop of many on the second leg of the Pykes’ journey. The Kraay’s welcomed the Pyke family onto their farm to enjoy tractor rides, find their own eggs, and harvest their own produce, an endeavor that was fun for both them and their children. At Kraay’s Market and Garden, the family was able to harvest, prepare, and enjoy a meal, entirely from farm to table. They also got to know their Hosts and learn about the business and its history, which is exactly the type of personal experience that Harvest Hosts strives to create.

Planning your own visit to Kraay’s Market & Garden

If you and your family would like to experience the simplistic magic of Kraay’s Market & Garden, then simply give them a call from the number found on their Harvest Hosts profile. They have three pet-friendly, reservable spots for rigs of any size. They also have potable water available. If you aren’t a Harvest Hosts member yet, then information for joining can be found on our website. For the cost of a couple nights in a campground, Harvest Hosts members gain access to overnight camping with no camping fees at 1200+ locations. These can include farms, museums, wineries, and even golf courses.

If you’re looking to ditch the impersonal campgrounds and create wholesome memories with your family, then we can’t think of a better way to accomplish that than by staying at a Harvest Hosts location. The Kraay family really exemplifies what it means to be a Host. Their love for their farm translates into their love for the visitors of their farm. While you’re visiting them, or other Hosts, be sure to patronize their business by purchasing eggs or other produce. This ensures that the Host-member relationship remains a partnership. On the Harvest Hosts interactive map, you can see all 5163+ locations across North America. With so many to choose from, you are sure to find a location to suit your tastes and interests. Consider your next Harvest Hosts location for a friendly and personal camping experience at more than just a campground.

Have you camped on a Harvest Hosts farm? Which Harvest Hosts locations are your favorites? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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  1. Sam Leash
    3rd January, 2020

    Hi Sigrid, it’s so great to hear that you have been utilizing your membership! Hope you enjoy plenty of trips this year in 2020.

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  2. Sigrid
    14th December, 2019

    Sam, I have been enjoying your posts about RVing in various areas of the country as well as the awesome aspects of Harvest Hosts. My husband & I got our little 24 foot C-class RV 3 years ago and have been enjoying long weekends and a couple week and 2 week long vacations in it ever since. We are Harvest Host members as well and have enjoyed numerous overnights at various HH locations too. Your writing is inspiring and encouraging to those of us wanting to get out there more, and your suggestions are trips we’re putting on our calendar. Thank you for your posts!

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