RV Camping in British Columbia

With spring just around the corner, let’s talk about one of the best places to visit during the upcoming season: British Columbia. This province is well-known for being home to the big cities of Vancouver and Victoria and is the western-most province in Canada. We recommend visiting in April or May to maximize the springtime fun.

British Columbia (B.C. for short) is primarily made up of mountains and forests, yet it boasts a variety of climates. Fascinatingly, you can find subalpine areas, canyon districts, boreal forests, dry inland forests, semi-arid valleys, subarctic prairies, and even temperate rainforests on western Vancouver Island. It has quite a long history, being inhabited by First Nations peoples for thousands of years. It was colonized by the British in 1849 and officially became part of Canada in 1871. Grab your Harvest Host membership, your passport if you are a U.S. citizen, and  your RV keys as we explore this amazing area. We’ll tell you all about the best places you can camp, and the best that B.C. has to offer in the spring. 


Our first stop brings us to Vancouver. If you time your trip to arrive at the right time in April, you can attend the annual Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival to kick your spring off on the right foot. There are many opportunities to view cherry blossoms all over the city. In addition to this festival, Vancouver offers such a wide variety of fun activities for everyone. The town is home to many scenic views, hip restaurants, and unique adventures. 

Vancouver Travelers searching for some hiking can stop at Golden Ears Provincial Park, which is one of the largest parks in the province. Golden Ears has a variety of easy and moderate hikes, and even a few strenuous. Be sure to save some room, because right outside of Golden Ears park lies Golden Ears Cheesecrafters. This Harvest Host location gives members and tourists the opportunity to watch the process of cheese making, and, best of all, the opportunity to purchase artisanal cheese. 


Abbotsford is famous for their annual Abbotsford Tulip Festival dating back over 50 years. Each year this ten acre farm is covered in 2.5 million tulips and celebrates their bloom from mid-April to early May. The perfect nearby Host to stay with is Campbell’s Gold Honey Farm and Meadery. This local honey farm has bees on site to produce the freshest honey products, including mead and honey wine, soaps, candles, and more.


Let’s head over to Vancouver Island, one of the most fascinating places in B.C. Much of this area is home to the Indigenous peoples of British Columbia. Interestingly, much of Vancouver Island lies in the temperate rainforest biome, which covers less than 1% of the earth. Temperate rainforests vary greatly from traditional, Amazon rainforests. These areas contain broadleaf or coniferous forests and receive heavy rainfall. 

The most populated town on Vancouver Island is the capitol, Victoria, but a fantastic Harvest Host location lies north of that in Duncan. Duncan Meadows Golf Course is open year round and has frequent events on their beautiful greens. Harvest Hosts has additional locations on Vancouver Island as far north as Campbell River.


Kelowna is an excellent hiking area. West Kelowna is home to Mount Boucherie, an extinct volcano, that you can hike up to. The hike is moderate to difficult, but rewards adventurers with beautiful, 360 degree views at the top. The town of Kelowna has a vibrant downtown with many eateries and additional activities to choose from. A short fifteen minutes from the Mount Boucherie hike, is Hainle Vineyards Estate Winery. This winery was Canada’s first organic winery and is the birthplace of North American icewine. 

Morton Lake

Morton Lake is a popular place for travelers in the summer, so if you can time your visit in the spring, it may be less crowded. This lake is great for water sports and offers nearby hiking opportunities, one of the most rewarding being Morton Peak. This hike gains 680 feet in elevation but begins at 3940 feet and is three miles roundtrip.

RVers and tent campers can use the provided campground on Morton Lake for a fee, or can drive about an hour to stay at two unique and treasured Harvest Hosts: Demille’s Farm Market and Grass Root Dairy. Both provide opportunities to stock up on supplies before hitting the road. Demille’s Farm Market offers meats, produce, baked goods, and more. Grass Root Dairy is Canada’s first grass-fed dairy farm and offers some of the freshest dairy products you’ll ever find, including homemade gelato.  

Prince George

Prince George is the farthest north of the Host locations in British Columbia. This unique location teaches visitors about the history of the Canadian railway that shaped the nation and even offers small train rides. Central BC Railway and Forestry Museum has two pet-friendly, reservable spaces for RVs of any size. 

The town is filled with restaurants to suit any palate, including fine dining options. Prince George is the hub of outdoor activities in B.C. ranging from skiing, snowboarding, biking, swimming, fishing, and more. Prince George also has rich cultural museums paying homage to everyone from Indigenous peoples to more modern concepts and arts. 


Canada, and more specifically, British Columbia is filled with rich history that has shaped it into what it is today. There is truly something for everyone in this province with urban cities, breathtaking views, unique hikes, and so much more. 

Have you been to any of Harvest Hosts international Hosts? Which place on this list sounds like the most fun? Tell us about it in the comments!

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  1. Karen
    25th February, 2023

    I would like to see all the locations in BC and Alberta before I commit. Do you have a full list? Thanks in advance.

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  2. Sam Leash
    18th October, 2021

    Hey Donna! We always recommend reaching out to Harvest Hosts customer service directly for any specific questions you may have, as the comments of a blog page aren’t the best way to see and reply to time-sensitive questions. Best of luck to you in receiving the answers you need to join this awesome program!

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  3. Sam Leash
    18th October, 2021

    Thanks so much for the insider tips, Jerry!

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  4. Donna
    18th October, 2021

    I see there are no replies to assure consumers the info we require to sign a membership. Unfortunately Harvest Host, without being more transparent, you will not have my business.

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  5. Sam Leash
    20th September, 2021

    Hi Susan, great questions. Self-contained RVs/campers of any size are welcome as Harvest Hosts members. Hope this helps!

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  6. Jerry
    1st September, 2021

    There is a Morton Peak and lake south east of Siacmous. The reference to water sports would apply to Mara Lake as Morton Lake I believe is more a fishing lake. There is also a Morton Lake on the Vancouver island.

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  7. minah king
    16th July, 2021

    Where on Vancouver Island are you winerys,
    chees makers etc.
    We cannot justify the fee if V Island businesses
    are not participating
    Thanks for info

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  8. Doug
    29th March, 2021

    Where are your hosts in BC?

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  9. Paul John charron
    23rd March, 2021

    where are the harvest host in Ontario and Quebec and down east

    in canada,. where do you find them? is there a place that explains them

    I see some in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and P.E.I



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  10. Norman Dust
    16th August, 2020

    My grandfather and his brother had grass-fed dairy farms starting about 1920. The whole milk was shipped to the Humboldt Creamery, pasteurized and bottled for retail sale. My dad continued with grass-fed pure-bred Holsteins, shipping whole milk to the Humboldt Creamery from the mid 1940’s to about 1960. I spent many an hour milking cows. So your Grass Roots Dairy must have been doing this for over 100 years to be the first.

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