RV Camping in Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Of Canada’s ten provinces, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are typically considered the prairie provinces. Lying halfway between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, these provinces border the US states of Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota. Each province contains its share of lakes and rivers, as well as many other pretty geological features. These include plateaus, wooded valleys, forests, swamps, and prairies. Within these two provinces, there are several Harvest Hosts locations available to members, each offering unique ways to learn about and experience these two provinces. Continue on for a full list of the area’s most popular hosts and what you can expect when visiting them.

1. Western Development Museum

History buffs will really love this Harvest Hosts location in North Battleford. Here, visitors can tour an Western Development Museum, which is full of both indoor and outdoor exhibits. Displays include old cars, machines, pictures, artifacts, and a variety of old buildings, including a bank, a barber shop, a co-op, a gas station, a doctor’s office, a dentist’s office, a pharmacy, a large grain elevator, and several others. Admission costs are reasonable, and there is an on-site grassy park with picnic tables. This quiet overnight stop is the perfect way to start your Harvest Hosts tour of Saskatchewan.

2. Great Sandhills Museum and Interpretive Center

The Great Sandhills of Saskatchewan are a unique feature of sand dunes and other desert structures in the southeastern corner of the province. Here, visitors can hike and explore the sandhills, which is fun for both families with children and pets. Before visiting the Great Sandhills, you should pay a visit to the museum and interpretive center just north of the park. This center will teach you all about this unique geologic feature, in a large museum with plenty of informative displays.

The museum also happens to operate as a Harvest Hosts location, where RVs under forty-five feet in length can stay the night. There are two pet-friendly spaces available in this serene and quiet location. Once you have spent the night at the interpretive center, you can continue along a scenic dirt road, leading directly to the Great Sandhills themselves. Don’t forget to bring your sled along for some fun sand sledding!

3. Flying I Bison Ranch

Just twelve miles north of the North Dakota-Saskatchewan border, you can find the Ireland Museum and Flying I Bison Ranch. Here, they package and sell all sorts of bison meats, including ground meats, jerky, sausages, steaks, such as ribeye, sirloin, and top of round steak, and so much more. They also run a bakery table with all sorts of goodies, such as homemade muffins and breads. Attached to the ranch, there is also the Ireland Museum, where the ranch owners have displayed a large collection of unique antiques collected over the last few decades. In addition to the museum, guests can find a garden, a patio, and a gift shop. Currently, the ranch offers five pet-friendly spaces, available to RVs of any size.

4. Farmery Estate Brewery

Crossing from Saskatchewan to Manitoba, you can find Farmery Estate Brewery, located in the city of Neepawa. Neepawa is a cute town with plenty of unique restaurants and shops to enjoy, while this Harvest Hosts location is located in the midst of it all. Farmery Estate Brewery operates a store and a brewery location, with all the hops and barley grown nearby by the brewers. There is also a food truck in operation, serving a variety of seafood and barbecue platters that previous visitors have greatly enjoyed. They offer two pet-friendly spaces for RVs of any size in their large, spacious parking lot.

5. Dirt to Plate Farm

Just south of Gladstone, Manitoba, you can find the Dirt to Plate Farm. This newer host is located nearby a river and offers scenic views and farm experiences. Visitors can take an educational tour or hay ride, and they can also pick and purchase produce and learn about raising livestock. There are hiking and wildlife viewing opportunities, and there is a play area for children. Currently, they offer four pet-friendly spaces for RVs of any size to enjoy.

6. Fort la Reine Museum

About forty minutes southeast of the Dirt to Plate Farm, you can find the Fort la Reine Museum. The Fort la Reine Museum, Pioneer Village and Tourist Bureau Inc., is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and exhibiting Canadian heritage and the history of the North American prairies. Here, visitors can explore the history of Western Expansion, the local fur trade, industrial innovation, and Canadian military history, all in one location. The Museum offers regular seasonal programming, school tours, travelling exhibits from leading cultural organizations, and rental spaces for private events. There is a gift shop and WiFi, and pets are permitted. They offer two spaces for RVs under thirty feet in length.

7. Watersong Farms

Watersong Farms is a unique Harvest Hosts location in Warren, Manitoba. This farm is the first of its kind, raising both rainbow trout and chickens for meat products. Their property is lovely and operates as a sort of wildlife sanctuary, with opportunities for both hiking and wildlife viewing on-site. They offer tours, and previous guests have mentioned the hosts’ hospitality many times. At the farm store, they sell different cuts of trout, steelhead, and chicken, with the smoked trout and chicken sausage being among their best sellers. Be sure to stop here on your tour of Manitoba.

8. Icon Technologies Unlimited

Last but not least, our Harvest Hosts tour of Saskatchewan and Manitoba ends at Icon Technologies Unlimited in Winkler, Manitoba. This unique location manufactures after-market parts for RVs in their large factory facility. Guests can discuss the products made on-site with staff, but no check-in or check-out is required. They offer WiFi and full-hookups sites, with the Discover Nature Sanctuary just a short walk away. This is an excellent place to stay for those wanting to explore the town of Winkler. They offer four pet-friendly spaces for RVs of any size, so be sure to call ahead to reserve your spot.

Manitoba and Saskatchewan are beautiful Canadian provinces with so much to offer. These few hosts provide a variety of unique cultural and agricultural experiences of these two beautiful provinces, with so much more to see and do in the surrounding areas. As always, be sure to patron any of these hosts while visiting, and leave a review for your favorites!

Have you ever visited Manitoba or Saskatchewan? How did you like it? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below!

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