5 Steps to Renovating your RV’s Living Room

When purchasing a new or used RV, you may wish to add your own personal style to the interior. Customizing your space helps it to feel more like home, while also adding features and designs that you may prefer over the stock design. In RVs, the living room area is often seen as the communal space where travelers can gather to read a book, discuss travel plans, and enjoy a cup of coffee. If you plan to do an RV renovation, there are a variety of fun DIY projects and upgrades you can make to the living room to make this a more beautiful and functional space for everyone to enjoy. Follow along for the best tips and tricks to personalize and decorate your RV’s living room space.

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1. Install new furniture

When renovating your living room space, it’s important to start with the bigger features, such as the couch, coffee table, and recliner.  Plan to choose your furniture first, then design the rest of your space around it. Designing your space around these bigger items is important because it will allow you to create a room that flows well with the rest of your interior space.

Most RV couches are sleeper sofas, so if you are replacing your couch, it is best to choose something that can also convert to sleeping quarters. Futons are a great choice because they are aesthetically-pleasing and have the functionality of converting to a two-person bed. IKEA and several other small-space-focused stores have excellent futons and sofas that work great in RVs. 

If you are adding a coffee table, it’s important to choose something with a slimmer width to avoid encroaching on precious floor and walking space. If you are replacing your recliner, there are also a number of great options you can use to fill the space. You could select a new recliner that coordinates with your couch, or even a simple accent chair with a slimmer profile. If you do not need additional seating, you can always install a bookshelf, accent table, or anything else that fits the overall theme of your space.

Finally, when installing furniture, it’s important to anchor it to the floor so that it does not move or slide during travel. This will ensure the safety of your belongings and passengers as you move from one place to another.

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2. Add a throw rug

After selecting and installing your furniture, choosing an area rug will help tie everything together. If you chose a bolder couch or chair, it’s best to choose a simple rug for the space. If you selected a simple sofa and chair, adding a brightly-colored or patterned rug could be a fun way to add some personality to your space. Whatever rug you select, be sure to consider the size of the space, and keep your slide-outs in mind, as they will slide over the rug when they come in and out.

3. Hang curtains

New window treatments will also help to modernize your living room space. Consider hanging simple curtains over your blinds or shades. This will add some character and additional privacy.  If you add curtains, you can change them out with the holidays for additional seasonal flair. Be sure to choose colors and/or patterns that match the theme of the room.

4. Add some throw pillows

Throw pillows add additional comfort and style to any living room space, no matter where it is located. If you have chosen simple colors and patterns in your living room so far, now is your chance to add bright colors and fun patterns to your space. If you have already chosen bold colors, add some neutral pillows to keep things more subtle. Be sure to choose pillows with removable covers for easy cleaning. These are also convenient because they can be covered with different holiday themes throughout the year.

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5. Decorate

This final step is where you can really show your own personal design style. Adding a few wall hangings can take your space to a whole new level. You can find so many different options on Etsy and other handmade markets, with items such as woven fiber art, hand-drawn watercolor sketches, ceramic tiles, and so much more. 

After adding wall hangings, you can add a few statement pieces to your coffee table or bookshelf, such as a globe or items found throughout your travels. Plants also add an element of liveliness to a space. Whatever you choose, be sure to keep the theme consistent and minimal. Even a few items can make a big difference in a small space, so remember to keep it simple.

Renovating your RV’s living room is a pretty big task, but it will leave you with a space that you are more likely to enjoy throughout your future travels. Imagine curling up with a new book or enjoying a glass of wine as you overlook your next Harvest Hosts location, all from the comforts of your newly-remodeled living room. If this sounds ideal to you, then follow these tips for ideas on designing an easy and beautiful new living room that your whole family can enjoy.

Have you renovated your RV’s living room? What projects did you take on? Feel free to share in the comments below!


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