RV Roof Maintenance Tips from Wander Care

RV roof maintenance is one of the most important aspects to maintain so your RV has a long and happy life. Quite literally the roof over your head, a rubber roof needs a bit more care than shingles or other roofing.

Sitting in the sun all year round can be extremely drying to the rubber. The last thing you want after you’ve run into your RV to take shelter from that inevitable summer rain is rain inside the RV. I can certainly think of better uses for pots and pans! Not to mention the damage and time and money that go into fixing that damage from a bit of water.

So, make sure you care for your rubber roof kind of like your skin, give it a good wash, scrub, and condition to keep it hydrated and pliable, and your RV lasting you longer. Ideally, RV roof care should be done at least two times a year. The spring and fall are generally good times to do this to help get all the summer pollen and winter grime off.

Here are some other great tips for RV Roof Maintenance:

  • An RV rubber roof can be sensitive to chemicals and some cleaners could break down or harm the roofing. It is suggested to use an RV-specific roof wash to ensure you do not harm the roof and that it remains protected and properly moisturized.
  • Not every RV roof is walkable, so check first to see if you are able to walk on your roof or if you will need a ladder to stand on when you’re scrubbing. Many walkable roofs have a ladder on the back of the RV and if it didn’t come with a ladder from the factory, they don’t generally want you walking on the roof.
  • Use a soft mop or soft-bristled brush to scrub the roof in sections. If you are on a walkable roof it can help to rinse after you finish each section to avoid slipping on the soap.
  • While you are cleaning your roof it’s a perfect time to look closely in sections to help identify if there are any rips, tears, or issues with the roof.
  • If you do find a rip or tear, patching kits are available to help prevent having to replace the whole roof for a small issue. Larger issues sometimes require replacement and most shops are happy to help with those types of repairs.
  • If you find there is Chalking on your roof, (a white powdery substance that builds up) you may want to use a protectant to help avoid this, so it does not drip down the sides of your RV.
  • While you are up there it can also be very beneficial to check the caulking around the roof and anything like an air conditioner or vent that is on the roof, as well as making sure they are all clear of any debris. For caulking, we recommend the brand Dicor.

If you have any questions about your roofing, cleaning products or any other part of your RV local RV repair services are always happy to help.


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