RV Trip Planners You Can’t Live Without in 2023

Planning a road trip? Not sure where to start? Or maybe you are in search of the best planning resources on the market. We’ve got you covered here at Harvest Hosts


Planning a Good Road Trip Takes Good Tools

If you are looking for a way to speed up the process of planning memorable trips, you are in the right place. People act like you hop in your RV and just go, but there is a little more to it than that. 


Throughout this piece we are going to look at what a good trip planner does, and how it can help elevate your experience. Let’s take a look at what a good trip planner does for its user. 


You Need a Good Route Planner

A good route planner does a little more than google maps. Route planners need to take into account your specific restrictions and requirements. There are routes that restrict certain weights, aren’t conducive to bigger rigs navigating the streets, or simply won’t fit under the overpass. 


A good route planner takes all of those things into consideration and more. Having something that permits extra addresses to be implemented, makes recommendations, and can be downloaded to your phone are fantastic features to have in your route planner. 


Helps You Find What Matters

Good route planners are also intuitive. They know what matters to most people and are able to let you know along the way. For instance, fueling stations along your route that can actually handle a truck and camper or a large motorhome that doesn’t have the best turning radius. A route planner that takes that into consideration is fantastic. 


There are some other key features you might not even be thinking about when planning your routes, like cell phone coverage for your stays! This can help you stay connected on the road and be able to get work done without leaving your site. Locating active dump stations for your waste water, and making sure you have clean water fill stations periodically are really helpful too. 


Another great thing is having access to a weather map that can pinpoint where your host location is. This can help you avoid those stormy nights and redirect you elsewhere. All of these features are great tools to have when planning—and replanning—your road trip. 


You’ll Appreciate Amazing Destinations Along the Way

This should go without saying. But you’ll want a trip planner that helps you find the most unique, fun, and memorable overnight locations. While everyone is after those once in a lifetime destinations, don’t sacrifice your trip getting there to the parking lots and rest areas along the way. 


A good trip planner will open your mind to midway locations that just might compete with that end destination you have been dreaming of. 


Here’s Our Top Trip Planners for 2023

We’ve taken the previously mentioned things into consideration. With that information, we have listed off our favorite planning tools that will make your life on the road much, much better!


RV Trip Wizard

RV Trip Wizard is a part of the RV Life suite of services. They make RV trip planning easier, offer safe RV routes, and can help you find campgrounds at the same time. Inside their database, they have 20,000+ campgrounds with millions of real life reviews from their users. 


This trip planner helps you navigate safe routes for your specific RV. You can input your RVs height and weight. The route planner will then take low clearances, steep grades, and propane restrictions into account when planning your route. 


RV Trip Wizard also looks at fueling stations that can accommodate your RV and taps into their 57,000+ points of interest along the way. This helps make your trip planning incredibly easy, and can help make it more memorable. 


RV Trip Wizard is best for those looking for those who love campgrounds and want an all-in-one approach to trip planning.


The Dyrt Pro

The Dyrt gives anyone access to their database of campsites across North America. You can access these from either their app or website. You’ll get access to detailed information on their highlighted locations and user reviews—including pictures. 


The Dyrt Pro is where the real help with trip planning comes into play. This upgraded membership gives you access to their trip planner. It helps you navigate low bridges and weight restrictions based on your rigs size and weight. 


With the Dyrt Pro, you can ask to avoid highways, toll roads, ferries, and more. Another great thing is it will give you a breakdown of your trip with your time spent driving, miles driven, and fuel costs. In addition to those, you’ll even get recommended campgrounds based on your criteria. 


If you are someone looking to utilize public lands—Bureau of Land Management, National Forests, or other state owned lands—this is a great option for you. You can still book campgrounds, but their real value comes in those free boondocking sites.


RV Trippers

Roadtrippers is another fantastic route planning tool for anyone who wants to plan road trips. In fact, you can add different vehicles into the application to get different routes. Say you have a large motorhome and an Airstream Basecamp. With these two different setups, you’ll probably get different routes. 


RV Trippers is a straightforward approach to planning. You’ll input your starting and ending point. Plus, you can add in how far off route you are willing to go. With this feature, it will begin highlighting different points of interest along the way—without getting too overwhelmed or off route with all the opportunities to explore. 


With RV Tripper, you’ll also be permitted to add in five extra stops between your starting and ending point—unless you upgrade to RVtrippers Plus where you’ll get up to 150 waypoints. This app also has estimated fuel costs, campground reviews, and live traffic updates. 


The Roadtrippers route planning is perfect for people looking for a straightforward, fun way of route planning that doesn’t give you more ideas than necessary. It eliminates the paralysis by analysis approach to route planning, and speeds up the process of planning. 


Harvest Hosts All Access

Harvest Hosts has been around a while, but with some of their recent additions they have become a great planning tool. The Harvest Hosts All Access Plan adds a lot of value to anyone planning a route for their next road trip. 


  • The Harvest Hosts All Access Plan has 8,000+ locations scattered across North America that you won’t find on any of the other route planners. These are unique farms, award winning wineries, breweries, distilleries, fun museums and other attractions, golf courses, and even private residences. 

  • The Harvest Hosts app has cell phone map overlays. These map overlays display cell coverage—AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile—for specific host locations. This helps you plan memorable overnight stays where you can also get work done. 

  • The app helps you maintain your water and waste tanks. With 7,000+ dump stations across North America, Harvest Hosts adds these to their maps for their All Access Members. This eliminates the mystery of where to stop next and helps you alleviate these nuisance issues before they become problems. 

  • The app even has weather overlays. These weather overlays can pinpoint your specific host. This means you can change routes to avoid the nights stuck in crummy weather. And with over 8,000 locations, you can probably head a different direction to a new host. 


So don’t miss out on these great, time-saving apps that will help make your adventures all the more enjoyable. Sign up for a Harvest Hosts membership, and download the app today!

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  1. Dale Garman
    29th May, 2023

    Strange that you rate Trip Planner WIzard highest and yet Harvest host is not yet integrated into the app.

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  5. Don Payne
    23rd April, 2023

    Any plans to integrate Harvest Hosts sites with those other trip planners? It might benefit both Harvest Hosts (incentive for more members & more hosts to join the network) and the 3rd party trip planner (more sites to visit).

  6. JamesOneil
    7th April, 2023

    All about the Harvest Hosts membership gas station near me
    program so you can start your next adventure Harvest Hosts Joins Forces with Jayco to Launch the Adventure Ready.

  7. Aharon
    3rd April, 2023

    Is Harvest Hosts still with Boondockers Welcome?

    1. Heather
      9th April, 2023

      Yes, they are still affiliated, thus far. We use them both monthly.

  8. Judy
    28th March, 2023

    How many harvest host locations are in Southern California?