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When you start RVing, planning how you will get to your destination is a massive part of the experience. You might be a weekend warrior, a seasonal, or a full-time RVer.  Course planning is a part of your routine, whatever path you have chosen.  

We are full-time RVers traveling in a 44ft fifth wheel towed by a dually.  We work, travel, and play along the road.  Our hobby of motorcycle riding (my spouse on a Heritage and me on a Sportster with a sidecar) is what got us on the road. So your end destination will probably be centered around your hobby, your work or family – or all of those!  After years of RVing, we have learned to set up a consistent planning process, including our motorcycle riding.  It helps make the plotting follow a regular ‘outline’ if possible.  This way, you can have some routine in your plans to make it smoother and less stressful.

We visited:

  • Fransen’s Farm
  • Pine Bluff’s Distillery
  • Golden Spike Tower Railroad

Fransen’s Farm – Minnesota

Here is the course we follow because it works with our lifestyle:


Length of Stay:  We usually stay a month at a location for multiple work, riding, and weather reasons.  Weather is something to think about because it can derail the best-laid plans.


 Travel Time:  Our following location is usually a couple of days away.  We do this because we typically ride motorcycles within a 2 to 3-hour radius from our current location.  When we relocate, we usually drive about 3-4 hours for the day.  If we go another 3-4 hours for the day, this puts us in a new exploration radius for riding motorcycles again.  Whether you ride or want to make your way to a new area, traveling a certain radius will give you a new place to enjoy your RV stay.

Pine Bluffs Distillery – Wyoming

Overnights:  Every time we plot a new ‘radius,’ it takes us two days to get there.  On the way, our routine is to select a Harvest Host location.  This is perfect in so many ways. 

  • Arrive early – Since we arrive at a new location around 2-3 pm, this gives us time to share in the local experience.  We have learned so much getting this opportunity.  Some things we have learned have even altered our course, and we got to experience something we hadn’t anticipated.
  • Know what’s expected – It gives us variety without too many unexpected RV situations.  We have enjoyed farms, wineries, and museums – all-knowing they can handle our RV, and we don’t have to worry about setup or complications.
  • Relax – Meeting other RVers at each location is fantastic.  We have run into other motorcyclists, so we get to share our RV passion and our hobbies and passions.  Seek out the stories!
  • Leave early – It’s easy in and out.  We can get out quickly and easily in the morning to make our way to our destination.  This gives you extra time in case you have any travel issues.
  • Course corrections – The nice thing is if you need any course corrections, there is always a Harvest Host nearby where you can stop in, relax, and figure out what you need to do next. 


Golden Spike Tower Railyard – Nebraska


We hope we meet you at a Harvest Host! We’d love to share experiences no matter your traveling plans or hobbies! We are planning our way to Bandera, Texas, where we will be attending the first-ever RV and Motorcycle Rally in September 2022.

To get your discounted tickets to the rally, use the code: HarvestHost10OffRally.

This code expires on July 10, 2022.



Lucinda and Will Belden RV full-time with their fifth wheel toy hauler, which carries their motorcycle and sidecar.  They have co-authored a book, “RVing with Motorcycles,” available on Amazon.  You can follow their travels and experiences at Direction Wide Open.


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