Small Space Organization Hacks

Living or travelling in a small space can be a bit of a challenge. The storage options are often limited, and even when there is plenty of room for your things, it can be hard to keep everything in place when you are frequently rolling down the highway at sixty miles per hour. Whether you travel in your RV full time or take it out for the occasional vacation, those who enjoy a neat, clean space may find it challenging to keep their RV clutter-free. However, there are a multitude of tips and “hacks” that can help you to be as organized as possible. Below are just a few suggestions that are sure to help you spend less time finding your belongings and more time exploring your travel destinations.

1. Use small bins and baskets to organize toiletries

After a long day of driving, you may find yourself heading to the bathroom to freshen up once you have reached your campsite. However, if you are not careful, opening the cabinet may trigger a downfall of toiletry items. No one wants their bathroom products raining down on their unassuming head, so the best way to combat this is to organize your items into small baskets or bins. This is not entirely foolproof, but it lessens the chances of items falling out and hurting you or becoming damaged. If you are traveling with multiple people, give everyone their own basket for their items. In addition, you can use wall-mounted toothbrush holders and soap dishes to avoid countertop items that may also fall while you are in transit.

2. Utilize wall space and hanging in the kitchen

For those who love to cook, preparing meals in a tiny kitchen may be a bit of a challenge. However, if you store everything well and keep your countertops mostly clear, you will have more space for cooking. Consider mounting your spices to the wall to clear cabinet space, or hang a fruit hammock to keep your fruit ripe, fresh, and out of the way. Consider a magnetic knife holder instead of a countertop set. Do whatever feels best in your kitchen, while also maximizing the space you have and leaving plenty of room for cooking.

3. Hang measuring cups inside your cabinet

Those who love to cook and bake may find themselves in need of their measuring cups and spoons but unsure of where to put them. In some cases, you may have plenty of drawer or cabinet space but just want your tools to be a bit more accessible. Consider hanging them from the interior of one of your cabinets for ease of access and to save space. You can also use the same method for pot holders, recipes, or anything else you want to be readily available. This helps you to stay organized while also allowing you to utilize every last bit of space.

4. Use a file folder to mount kitchen storage items

When you plan to cook, you will likely need items such as tin foil, parchment paper, ziploc bags, plastic wrap, etc. These can take up quite a bit of drawer space, so consider also mounting these to the inside of one of your cabinets. File folders hold these items well and can be easily mounted to a cabinet. Just be sure to use short enough screws when mounting anything so as to not drill through your cabinets.

5. Paint your fridge with chalkboard paint

In a traditional home, the magnetic fridge is a favorite place to hang children’s drawings, appointment reminders, calendars, and more. In your RV, your fridge is likely wooden, so magnets are probably out of the question. However, those who don’t mind a quick project could consider painting some or all of their fridge in chalkboard paint. This will allow you to write reminders, meal plan, or draw anything else to personalize your space.

6. Hang brooms and mops

No one wants to travel without their floor cleaning tools, whether that be a mop and a broom, a vacuum, or all of them. However, RV closet space can be limited, especially when your items are being jostled and thrown around. Consider command strip hooks or broom holders to keep your things in place. You can also install a small hook to hold your vacuum handle in place. Whatever you can do to keep things where you want them to be while moving is best.

7. Use hooks for hats and jewelry

If you like to bring along your favorite accessories while traveling, finding a good spot for them can also be challenging. Most jewelry and hats can be hung on little hooks inside your closet. This can make them easily accessible while also saving precious drawer and closet space. In addition, narrow hanging jewelry boxes take up little space in a closet.

8. Ottomans are great for additional storage

If you have utilized all the techniques listed above but still find yourself in need of additional places to store your belongings, consider bringing a storage ottoman into your space. These can double as a coffee table while also managing to hold quite a few items. Books, games, or even clothing store nicely in an ottoman. Just be sure to find one that matches your space nicely!

Storage and organization in RVs can be tricky, but these tips can certainly make things easier. With a bit of planning and an afternoon, most of these mini-projects can be completed with ease. Consider trying out a few before your next trip to make finding and accessing your things easier than ever.

Have you implemented any unique storage techniques in your RV? Do you have any other “hacks” to share? Feel free to tell us about it below!

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  1. Sam Leash
    29th June, 2020

    We recommend storing your items in the cabinets and drawers inside, with outdoor items going in the outdoor storage bays. Hope this helps!

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  2. Sharon
    19th June, 2020

    Would love any help with storage in a RV

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