The Real Difference Between Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome and Why You Should Consider Both for Your Next Road Trip

In June we added Boondockers Welcome to the Harvest Hosts family. And in October we merged the two platforms so that Members of both communities could see all 5000+ Host locations on one, easy to navigate, map. We still have Members that are solely on one platform, which is still an option, and realize that each community is different. Harvest Hosts may not be the perfect camping style for our Boondockers Welcome Members and vice versa. Each program offers its own unique experience and perks for your next road trip, so we thought it might be helpful to explain the differences between the two programs in a quick rundown.

Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts provides unique experiences for RVers while supporting independent growers and attractions. Support local businesses, enjoy farm-fresh products, drink some wine, have some beer, explore museums, visit roadside oddities, play a round of golf, and stay at any of our stunning locations across the continent with zero camping fees! The annual membership gives members unlimited access to stay overnight at any one of our 2500+ Host locations.

Boondockers Welcome

Boondockers Welcome provides Members the ability to access 3,000+ locations where Hosts invite travelers to spend up to 5 nights on their property. Enjoy truly unique stay experiences often without any sacrifice to comfort as 75% of Boondockers Welcome Hosts offer hookups. You can even check out all of our Host locations prior to purchasing a membership!

Interested in hosting RVers at your private property? You can get a free Boondockers Welcome Membership by signing up to be a Host

The diagram below gives you the best idea of the differences between the two communities –

Now that you know a little more about Boondockers Welcome, which community is right for you? Maybe it’s both! We offer a great upgrade discount if you’re a current Member of either platform. Already a Harvest Hosts Member and want to add Boondockers Welcome? No problem! Already a Boondockers Welcome Member but would love to add farms, wineries, breweries, and museums to your camping options? Great! No matter which program you’re a part of, you can upgrade here and follow these instructions

Any way that you look at it, these memberships save you tons of headaches while you’re out on the road. You can book stays and plan your route with both memberships inside of the same, easy-to-use app. No hassle, all fun! 

If you’re just learning about these two amazing communities now, you can join Harvest Hosts here or Boondockers Welcome here. Then, add additional host locations through our discounted upgrade process here.

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  1. Randy Turnbull
    24th May, 2022

    How can I call BW for questions ?

  2. Non
    22nd May, 2022

    When it says self contained rig what does it mean. Is it just class a or c or is a tt self contained

  3. Celeste
    8th May, 2022

    I am unable to upload a photo of my rig and RV. It is less than 4MB.
    There is no way to contact you through your site. Choosing “Contact Us” takes you to a page of support questions. At the bottom of the page it says if none of your questions are answered, to click the link to ask the question. But when you do that, it takes you right back to the same FAQ page.
    I’m trying to plan a trip but I can’t get it done without my rig photo being uploaded. This is my first experience with HH and I’m wondering what kind of support system it has.

  4. bud elkin
    5th May, 2022

    friends of ours are a member, but we are not sure? We do care about wineries; we are farm people. Also, not knowing where these farms are, is no incentive. If we could know the farms available within 80 mi of morgan hill, ca- we might join.

  5. Cheryl Hinds
    5th May, 2022

    We have been hosts with BW and have really enjoyed our guests. Since HH joined the picture it has been very difficult in getting in touch with prospective, and accepted, guests. When we receive a request, all we can do is accept or deny….cannot respond or ask questions. Have one current man requesting a stay May 19-23 but in his text asked for Mon – Sun. May 19 is a Thurs. Then the last guest, whom we accepted, and then got her telephone number, sent a text from your web page and said she was lost. Could not reply as 1. Cannot text back to automated site and 2. Her tele number is international and our cells do not take int’l calls. She was lost and a big storm was coming. She sent a message thru you three times but I could not respond. She did arrive; but only due to two very nice Okies who helped her. There is no number at BW or HH to call for info. Getting very frustrated!

    1. Michele
      11th May, 2022

      That’s odd, we traveled from NH to South Dakota last summer and were HH members. We booked many same day stays because traffic delays determined how far we were able to get each day. I was able to message back and forth through the site and ask or answer question and update our ETA without issue. It’s unfortunate that your guest had such a difficult time, especially when dealing with bad weather. I’m hoping this isn’t a new issue with them, or that it has been resolved.

  6. Dan Goddu
    28th April, 2022

    I’m struggling with the additional $40/yr for Boondocker’s Welcome. I get the annual membership for HH, since stays are free, with recommenation for patronizing the hosts. But for BW, where I’m going to pay a fee for staying, I’m not getting why there’s additional membership fee for using the scheduling service. I don’t see the value.

    1. Keith Gerue
      29th April, 2022

      As a “Boondocker’s Welcome” host, I can tell you there is NO fee for a stay, unless you want an electric or water hook up. I have hosted almost 50 stays so far this year, and other than $5 for electric or water option, the only other expense might be the willfully exchanging of gifts with some of our new friends.

  7. Karen
    26th April, 2022

    Hello, my husband David and I are members of Harvest Host and I just signed us up for Boondockers Welcome. I didn’t sign up from the HH website and was wondering if I could somehow combine our membership with just one log in.
    Thanks, Karen and David Wilson

  8. Gary
    25th April, 2022

    I’m a member but forgot my password. I’ve requested an email several times over the past few weeks to change my password but haven’t received anything. Please send me an email to change my password to [email protected].
    Thank you, Gary McCann

    1. Harvest Hosts
      26th April, 2022

      Please check your spam we do have some issues with emails going to that server.
      If you need your password reset please contact [email protected]

  9. Bob Murray
    22nd April, 2022

    been trying to log in for 20 min. waiting for code to reset password, Wondering if my membership is still in order or needs to be up

  10. Debra
    22nd April, 2022

    Very disappointed. Signed up with Boondockers a few months ago as a host. Have been unable to sign in to find other hosts while traveling. When I try they say I don’t have an account. When I try to join again they tell me that my email address already has an account. VERY FRUSTRATED

  11. Martina
    11th April, 2022

    I own both a Airstream trailer and a class B RV, and travel in both of them on separate occasions obviously. Do I need 2 memberships as in one for each RV or does the membership apply to the owner?

  12. Susan
    10th April, 2022

    Hi! As a 6 year member of BW, I was a little leery of the combining of the 2 organizations, but I think it’s melding well. looking forward to the new app, hopefully streamline things a little more.

    One thing I would like to see added in profiles is (1) tow vehicle and (2) member’s home/current town & state. That helps the host give any route tips or a possible extra conversation connection to the host.

    1. Carrie Price
      11th April, 2022

      Hi Susan, thank you so much for your feedback. I have passed it along to our engineering team. 🙂

  13. Ronald Boutin
    31st March, 2022

    Since I do not golf, and never have I believe you should offer another membership option. Harvest hosts, boondockers welcome but without golf…

  14. Anita Gaston
    30th March, 2022

    The promotion suggests I can “check out all of our Host locations prior to purchasing a membership!” but when I click on the link it does not allow me any detailed information regarding locations – I just see a whole bunch of house icons all of the US. I’m already a member of Harvest Hosts and may be interested but not until I can see more details on available locations.
    Please advise on how I can check out the host locations as the promotion states. Thank you

    1. Carrie Price
      11th April, 2022

      Hi Anita, if you click on the house icons you can see all information about that host locations. 🙂

  15. Peter Bock
    23rd February, 2022

    I have a Harvest Host membership that renews the end of Aug, my wife has a boondockers membership in Oct, since we have already paid why should we upgrade now?, do we get a rebate from both? Makes more sense to upgrade when they/one is set to expire

  16. Jim Becker
    22nd February, 2022

    I’ve upgraded my membership to included Boondockers welcome. Do I use a different app for the Boondockers locations or am I seeing all options from the Harvest Host app ?

    1. Carrie Price
      23rd February, 2022

      Hi Jim, great question! You can see all Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome locations in the Harvest Hosts app. Once you are on the map page in that app, select the drop down “Filters” in the top left. Then, make sure that the box is checked next to “Boondockers Welcome.” I hope that helps!

      1. Greg
        3rd April, 2022

        Hi Carrie, it seems to me that a lot of Harvest Hosts are not necessarily businesses, and the difference between BW and HH locations can be blurry. It’s my thought that BW sites should be added to HH for the existing HH fee for loyal customers, as one organization. Host businesses or residences can be specified as such on the map. We paid for the full membership, and seems we’re now getting half the package.

  17. Mary
    22nd February, 2022

    So Is the $50. one combined membership?

    1. Carrie Price
      22nd February, 2022

      Hi Mary,
      No, the communities are still separate. You can purchase one without the other or both. $50/year gives you access to Boondockers Welcome only. Once you purchase that membership you can upgrade to the Harvest Hosts membership. I hope that helps! Thank you!

  18. Chris
    14th February, 2022

    As a BW Host, and having stayed at many locations, I think stating that 75% of hosts offer hookups is misleading. I have never seen a host offer water, sewer and electric. Many offer electric and maybe water, but not sewer/septic. I feel this claim needs to be removed, or better stated e.g., “partial hookups”.

    1. Carrie Price
      15th February, 2022

      Hi Chris, thank you for your feedback. 75% of BW Hosts do offer electric hookups as an option, not full hook-ups. Full hookups is very rare for BW host locations.

  19. Chris
    14th February, 2022

    As a BW Host and having stayed at many locations, I think stating that 75% of hosts offer hookups is misleading. I have never seen a host offer water, sewer and electric. Many offer electric and maybe water, but not sewer/septic. I feel this claim needs to be removed, or better stated e.g., “partial hookups”.

  20. Marlene Madhburn
    7th February, 2022

    Is there any HH WB in NC?

  21. Debbie B
    4th February, 2022

    Is there a map to see where the Boondockers Welcome locations are before deciding to join? We didn’t find enough Harvest Hosts locations on the routes we traveled last year to use it enough.

  22. Dianna
    30th January, 2022

    Please send Harvest Host and boondockers welcome info.

  23. Peter s lapanne
    27th January, 2022

    How would I know that I would have a spot available for me Each night?

    1. Carrie Price
      28th January, 2022

      Hi Peter! Great question. You can reserve your stay dates on our online request system. The Host will then accept or decline your stay based on availability. If they accept your stay, your reservation is considered booked. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  24. Nancy Merrick
    27th January, 2022

    I asked my husband to renew our membership this last year and he was given a separate membership. We were not aware that it was two different accounts and when I realized it, I thought oh well then we can stay two nights. Then when we tried to use them we were told no its one night per rig. So for this past year we have paid for 2 accounts. Please give me a phone number to speak to a person so that we can resolve this.

    1. Sam Taylor
      28th January, 2022

      Nancy, please contact us on the website under support so that we can look into this for you on your behalf

  25. denis constantineau
    25th January, 2022

    we are 3 rv travelling together (3Rv)it is possible to stay in site on boondochers

    1. Carrie Price
      26th January, 2022

      Hi Denis, it is possible. We do have many Hosts who have multiple spots for RVs. It’s rarer than with Harvest Hosts as most Boondockers Welcome Hosts don’t have as much space as a business.