Top Harvest Hosts Locations with Joel Holland – RV Destinations Podcast Recap


In an insightful episode of the RV Destinations podcast, Joel Holland (Harvest Hosts’ CEO) stopped by to share the Harvest Hosts’ perspective of RVing, which paints a vivid picture of the evolving landscape of RV travel in the United States. 


With 46 million Americans planning to go on an RV trip in the next 12 months, and RV owners planning three or more trips a year, on average, the quest for unique travel experiences is more in demand than ever. Harvest Hosts, with its innovative approach to RVing, taps into this growing trend by offering access to over 5,000 unique locations across North America, far from the standard campground fare.


The Harvest Hosts Experience

Harvest Hosts is not your typical RV program. For an annual fee of $99, RVers get unlimited overnight stays at unique locations including vineyards, breweries, farms, and attractions, all while supporting local businesses. Joel’s passion for RV travel and his commitment to enhancing the RV community shines throughout the interview.


Joel’s Top Harvest Hosts Locations

Joel also shared his top Harvest Hosts locations of all time and shared what makes each location special to him. 


  1. The Winery at the Holy Cross Abbey, Canon City, Colorado: Imagine sipping award-winning wines amidst the breathtaking backdrop of Colorado’s mountains. This serene location offers a tranquil escape for wine enthusiasts.


  1. M2 Ranch, Lorena, Texas: This sanctuary combines the joy of connecting with rescued horses with the therapeutic benefits they offer, especially to veterans. It’s a heartwarming stop that gives back in more ways than one.


  1. Heartland Farm, Pawnee Rock, Kansas: Run by a group of dedicated sisters, this alpaca farm offers visitors a chance to immerse themselves in farm life, complete with walking trails, alpaca fur products, and even massages by a nun.


  1. Stone Yard Distillery, Dotsero Colorado: A beet sugar distillery that challenges the norms of spirit making. Its creative infusions are a testament to the innovation that characterizes the Harvest Hosts locations.


  1. RV/MH Hall of Fame, Elkhart, Indiana A paradise for RV enthusiasts, this museum walks you through the history of RV travel, showcasing historic RVs and motorhomes in an interactive and educational setting.


  1. Coulter Farmstead and the Historic Wolff Mercantile, Washington, Arkansas: Merging history with modernity, this location offers a peek into the past, complemented by contemporary comforts like a pool and friendly farm animals.

Beyond the Stays: The Harvest Hosts Philosophy

Harvest Hosts’ philosophy is simple yet profound: enrich the RV experience by connecting travelers with the unique cultures and natural beauty of their destinations. Joel Holland’s journey from being a member to leading the company underscores a deep-seated belief in the value of exploring the road less traveled.


The program’s exponential growth, from 600 to over 10,000 locations (when including Boondockers Welcome locations), mirrors the increasing desire for unique, meaningful travel experiences among RVers. Joel’s recommendations, drawn from his personal adventures, not only serve as a guide to some of the best Harvest Hosts locations but also inspire a sense of wanderlust and a desire to explore the hidden corners of America.


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