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With the invention of the internet, more people are connected than ever before in history. It’s so easy to research topics, learn something new, and get advice all in one place. RVers especially have benefited from the internet, which allows us to find campsites, fix broken things, or even collect travel or remodel inspiration. YouTube, a popular video platform, allows users to view videos made by others or even create their own videos. RVing is a huge subsection on YouTube with folks reviewing products, showing off their DIY skills, touring their campgrounds, and so much more. Harvest Hosts has compiled a list of some of the top YouTube channels for RVers. These users have large fan bases and post videos covering many helpful topics. Get comfortable with a drink and get ready to take notes as we explore some of the top RV YouTube channels on the web.

We recommend:

  1. You, Me, and the RV
  2. RV Lifestyle
  3. Keep Your Daydream
  4. RV Miles
  5. RV Blogger
  6. We’re The Russos
  7. RV Geeks
  8. Less Junk, More Journey
  9. Getaway Couple
  10. Zepplin Travels
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You, Me & the RV

Both Navy Veterans, You, Me and the RV’s host couple Phil and Stacy share their life on the road with a little sarcasm and a lot of humor. Their positive outlook on life even when things go wrong makes watching their videos both entertaining and enjoyable. While watching their channel, you don’t just see where they go, but rather you feel like an important part of their journey.

If you are looking for information on RVing, ‘You, Me & the RV’ has it all. Here, you will find videos on beautiful locations, RV maintenance, rig repairs, supply organization, and more! You can also find a wealth of RV information on their website: Phil and Stacy will also show you how easy it is to find your RV besties while you travel because according to them, the community is the best part of the RVing lifestyle! 

You, Me and the RV

RV Lifestyle

YouTube channel “RV Lifestyle” began in 2012 when Jennifer and Mike bought a Class B campervan-type motor home after years of dreaming about it. When they did, they started writing a blog about seeing North America, enjoying their RV, and the interesting stories about the people and places they came across along the way. 

They’re both long-time journalists and love traveling North America in their motorhome, finding interesting people and places to share in the video reports and on their accompanying RV podcast and blog. They currently live in their RV full time, but only travel for about seventy-five percent of the year. Right now, they’re traveling in a 2021 Leisure Travel Vans Wonder, built on the 2020 Ford Transit chassis. They frequently “boondock,” or stay in remote places, off the commercial power grid, typically in national or state forests, National Parks, or wilderness areas. 

RV Lifestyle

Keep Your Daydream

After years of waiting for the right scenario or the ideal time, Marc and Trisha decided to trade-in their “perfect dream” for what they were actually able to do right then. That was three countries, thirty-eight states and over 80,000 miles ago!

Before setting out on their journey, they searched every channel on YouTube to find inspiration. It seemed like everyone “sold everything” or had unlimited money. What about the people that enjoyed their life, but were ready for a change? Ditch the perfect dream and join “Keep your Daydream” in taking the first step toward your new adventure! On their channel, they frequently discuss how they began their RV journey, YouTube production tips while in an RV, their family’s ups and downs, and so much more! 

RV Miles

Created by full-time RVers Jason and Abby Epperson, the “RV Miles” channel has accrued over 5 million views on their videos and cover a wide range of topics. These include the process of going full-time, the ups and downs of RV living, RV basics, recipes on the road, gear reviews, road trip planning, family travels, and so much more! Be sure to check out their channel for the latest scoop on what they’ve been up to.

Photo credit: RV Miles Podcast

RV Blogger

Through their channel, “RV Blogger,” Mike and Susan share their RV info and experience to allow others to hit the road and start living in an RV full-time. Watch their how-to RV videos to learn how to transition into full-time RV life and live the RV travel lifestyle on or off grid.

Over time, they’ve learned some amazing hacks for travel in a Class A, B, or C motorhome, all while traveling the USA and Canada full-time. Here, they share free advice that even helped them start saving money while traveling. If you are part-time RVing, full-time RVing, full-time RVing with kids, or living in your RV during retirement, you can benefit from their informative YouTube channel.

Through their videos, viewers can learn travel tips and tricks, RV travel basics, motorhome beginners tips, 5th wheel hacks, pop-up camper tips, and truck camper full-time living info, too. More recently, they have begun their newest venture: RV Camping Magazine, which is a digital/video monthly magazine. If you’re looking for traveling vlogs, information on full-time RV income, full-time RV living expenses, or how to make money while full-time RVing, then this is the right RV living channel for you!

RV Blogger

We’re the Russos

Joe and Kait Russo are the creators behind “We’re the Russos.” When they’re not working, this couple enjoys discovering new places and experiences together. People often ask them what their favorite place is, and their answer is constantly changing because they are always discovering new places.

While all of their RV travels have taken place in North America, Joe and Kait hope to explore more continents together in the future. Whether you are looking to RV full-time, part-time or travel as a weekend warrior, they hope you find value in the content that they share on their informative and popular YouTube channel.

We’re the Russos – Photo credit: Nomadic News

RV Geeks

As full-time RVers since 2003, Peter Knize & John Sullivan are better known as “The RVGeeks.” Specializing in do-it-yourself and how-to tutorials, their popular YouTube videos help fellow RVers manage, maintain, repair and upgrade the systems on their own RVs. Their informative videos have helped thousands of other travelers, and they can help you too!

In 2019, Peter & John made the big leap to broadcast television as they co-host the new TV series “The RVers” on The Discovery Channel, PBS, iTunes, Amazon, Fun Roads TV, and Google Play.

RV Geeks – Photo credit: Heath and Alyssa

Less Junk, More Journey

Downsizing, selling your house and living in an RV can be overwhelming. This family of includes Marissa and Nathan and their children Hensley, and JJ. Together, they create videos showing why it’s worth it to live a life of less junk and more journey. On their channel, they release a new video every Sunday covering topics such as downsizing, bucket list destinations, route planning, and finding the right RV for you and your family.

Less Junk, More Journey

Getaway Couple

Through their channel “Getaway Couple,” creators Rae and Jason travel the US full time with their dog, Carmen, in a Grand Design fifth wheel. They enjoy sharing lessons learned, RV tips and tricks, and the best places to visit in the US with their viewers. Check out their channel to learn more about them and all their adventures!

Getaway Couple

Zeppelin Travels

Partnering with Tiny Home Tours, Zeppelin Travels is composed of a team of RVers traveling in a variety of  Zeppelin RVs. Currently, they feature two full-time RVers, Brad and Alex. Founder and CEO, Chris, continues to travel in his “skoolie” or converted school bus, full-time as well. Their videos share travel stories, remodeling adventures, tiny living tours, and so much more. 

Zeppelin Travels

Next time you’re wanting to view some RV content, consider checking out any of these channels. You’re bound to learn about a new place, gather information to fix or upgrade part of your RV, or just learn something new entirely about RVing! 

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  1. Debbie Tennant
    15th November, 2021

    I watch several of these awesome YouTubers and have even met some of them. But, my favorite are Red White and Bethune! We’ve been with them since they first started to build their Channel.

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  2. Kevin R.
    28th October, 2021

    Many RV YouTubers have become way to commercialized, including many mentioned above.

    One of my favorites is “Grand Adventure “. Excellent stuff! Accurate, educational, down to earth, and well produced!

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  3. MissyMo
    21st October, 2021

    YouTube Channels Traveling Robert, Nomadic Fanatic and Matt’s RV Reviews inspired us to hit the road!

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  4. MissyMo
    21st October, 2021

    Traveling Robert, Nomadic Fanatic and Matt’s RV Reviews inspired us to Hit The Road in a 2020 Entegra Odyssey 24B and we love it!

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