Top Snowbird Destinations for the Winter Season

Within the RVing community, there are so many different types of RVers. Some folks have a small travel trailer and take it out just a few times per year, while others may have a fifth wheel that they travel in for a few months at a time. Some may live in their motorhome full-time, moving to a new destination every few weeks, while others live in their camper full-time in a stationary place. Still others may move their RV just a few times per year, traveling with the seasons and avoiding the cold in the winter month. This type of traveler is typically called a snowbird, as they avoid the cold and the snow in the winter months. 

But where does one go to skip the winter season and enjoy warmth instead? There are many places in the US that stay fairly warm over the winter. Below, we’ve listed out some of the more popular snowbird areas and the benefits of selecting each of these places.

1. Quartzsite, AZ

Hosting nearly one million RVers each winter, Quartzsite, Arizona, is one of the top snowbird destinations in the United States. The warm winter weather provides all the fun in the sun you may be seeking, while the town itself is full of everything you could possibly need. This includes grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, recreation centers, and more. Certain areas even allow folks to boondock for long periods of time. There are also spacious campgrounds available for those requiring full hookups. The entire community is surrounded by beautiful, sprawling desert, making for a perfect winter haven for outdoors lovers from all over.

2. St. Augustine, FL

Another popular option is the town of St. Augustine in Florida. This beautiful town in Northern Florida boasts all the perks of the warm winter weather without some of the typical Floridian drawbacks, such as excessive heat and mosquitoes. The weather stays mild and temperate in the fall, winter, and spring months, while only getting into the hottest weather in the summer months. The town itself offers stunning beaches, as well as fabulous restaurants and shopping opportunities. It’s great for those who want to enjoy warm weather that is not overly hot, while also enjoying all the benefits of staying in a small city.

3. Palm Springs, CA

Located in the sprawling Coachella Valley, Palm Springs is a lovely oasis in the Southern California desert. Boasting over 120 golf courses in the area, this lush city offers plenty of outdoors activities, including biking, hiking, tennis, and other sports. The downtown area offers a stunning display of art deco architecture with plenty of restaurants, galleries, shops, bars, and other enjoyable activities. This area is said to be an excellent snowbird destination for anyone who wants to enjoy the beauty and warmth of SoCal without all the hustle and bustle of San Diego and Los Angeles.

4. Las Vegas, NV

Desert lovers who are not intrigued by Quartzsite or Palm Springs might prefer to visit Las Vegas instead. While most picture casinos when they think of Las Vegas, this city has so much more to offer. It often attracts outdoors lovers for snowbird season because of its warm weather and plentiful activity options. These include golf courses, entertainment, hiking, biking, tennis, theatre, casinos, and fantastic restaurants. Foodies and city lovers from all over North America should definitely consider a stay in Las Vegas for snowbird season.

5. Austin, TX

With warm temperatures year round, Austin is a great place to spend the winter season. This city has plenty of excellent options for RV camping, while also offering a variety of shopping, entertainment, parks, gardens, nature preserves, and more. In addition, foodies from all over will enjoy the variety of excellent cuisines from all over the world. The city is also a short driving distance from both Dallas and Texas wine country in the Fort Worth area. This area is best for those wanting to avoid driving west and who prefer to stay away from Florida.

6. Orlando, FL

Those who want to spend the winter in sunny Florida while staying away from the bustling beach towns may instead consider Orlando. With close proximity to Disney World, Universal Studios, sandy beaches, and beautiful state parks, Orlando offers plenty of fun for everyone. There are so many excellent RV resorts available, making this a prime location for Florida-loving snowbirds.

7. Truth or Consequences, NM

Finally, those seeking a sunny yet somewhat cool desert climate may consider Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. With close proximity to several hot springs, plenty of hiking opportunities, and beautiful White Sands National Park nearby, the area offers plenty of activities to enjoy and lots of sights to see. The evenings are cool, while the days are relatively warm, offering excellent winter temperatures for those who prefer temperate weather. This area has a small-town vibe while still providing any necessity you may need, making it an excellent choice for snowbirds.

Each of these unique places offers different options for those looking to escape the winter weather of North America. Each of these places will allow you to spend the winter season chasing the sun, while also enjoying anything else the area has to offer. Be sure to consider each option carefully before making a choice. Planning ahead and making reservations is the best way to ensure you are happy with your winter campsite.

Do you travel south for the winter season to escape the cold? Where do you like to visit? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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  1. Raynard Richards
    12th August, 2021

    Does anyone know where I might find data regarding where snowbirds come from who visit the following places?

    Tampa/St Petersburg, FL
    Los Angeles, CA
    Maricopa Count, AZ
    Salt Lake City, UT

    1. Sam Leash
      12th October, 2021

      Hey Raynard! I don’t have a source for who visits these exact locations, but there are a few online surveys and databases who may have more information. Best of luck finding these answers!

  2. Della Heideman
    12th November, 2020

    We snowbird in Cathedral City (one of the eleven primary communities of the greater Palm Springs area. With the advent of COVID we’ve decided to stay home in Oregon this winter. We’ve tried Yuma, Sierra Vista, and Quartzite, Arizona. Still prefer the Palm Springs weather, golf courses and restaurants.

    1. Les
      13th November, 2020

      We love Palms Springs however we live in the Lake Arrowhead area. Easier to just drive down. However on HWY 18 near here is Santas Village with RV parking. The view is spectacular

    2. Sam Leash
      8th December, 2020

      Thanks so much for your input here. I sincerely hope you are able to enjoy winter someplace warm next year!

  3. Terri Carlson
    8th November, 2020

    You asked about where you go to get warmer? We are after my husband’s surgery in December. Route 66!!! I have bought six books about it!!! Yes shirts and a bag! From what we can tell the weather will be great! We are not starting in California. Still talking about where to begin? Last time in California my hubby got a very bad eye infection, and me a head cold I still have. Due to the fires, which we were running away from when the ranger at our camp site was telling everyone you need to leave now! Fire!!!sure enough we could see the fire! Never knew we could break down camp!!!

    1. Sam Leash
      11th November, 2020

      Sounds like quite an adventure!

  4. George Blincoe
    8th November, 2020

    This may be a dumb question but could I put in a proposed vacation route, (SW USA area roughly) I am considering and have the potential Harvest host sites be made easy to find?

    I am sure I can do it on my own but am a bit lazy… and maybe others could chime in on recommended routes and places to stay. I roughly want to go from Colorado to southern NM ( I like Truth or Consequence area by the way) , AZ, southern CA, and return through NV and UT.

    I will likely go in January as I live at 9300 feet and want to shorten winters a bit…

  5. Mary Bohinc
    7th November, 2020

    I was surprised more of Arizona was not mentioned. We are at Palm Creek Golf and Residences Resort in Casa Grande, AZ. More to do here than any resort/park we have ever stayed. Many other parks in the area as well and things to do outside the park as well. In between Phoenix and Tucson without the hustle bustle.

    1. Sam Leash
      11th November, 2020

      That sounds like a great area! Arizona is awesome during snowbird season. I wanted to include a few places from each of the popular states. I’ll have to write a follow-up article with even more destinations. 🙂

  6. Rob Burnett
    7th November, 2020

    Truth or Consequence NM does have great hikes and sunsets. There are ghost towns to tour nearby and small artist communities too.

    1. Sam Leash
      11th November, 2020

      The ghost towns and artsy cities sound awesome! Just another reason why New Mexico is so unique.

  7. Jerry
    7th November, 2020

    We been spending Canadian winters in TX, AZ AND NM Covid has stopped us this year. Just finished winterizing and putting the TT to bed for the next 5-6 months.

    1. Sam Leash
      11th November, 2020

      Hopefully you can spend winter somewhere warm next year or the year after!

  8. Steve & Kathy Fosness
    7th November, 2020

    We have spent the last two winters on the island across the “London Bridge” at Lake Havasu City, AZ. Great RV resorts, weather, and activities every week all winter long.

    1. Sam Leash
      11th November, 2020

      I have heard great things about Lake Havasu City. I’ll have to check it out!

  9. John Smith
    6th November, 2020

    We like Tucson, Az and South Padre Island, Texas. Love the memes and the newsletter. Thank you!! Happy RVing

    1. Sam Leash
      11th November, 2020

      Both of those locations are lovely! So glad to here you enjoyed the newsletter. 🙂

  10. Jolene Shelton
    6th November, 2020

    I was surprised when Death Valley National Park was not listed

    1. Sam Leash
      11th November, 2020

      Southern California is a great choice for snowbird season, but I believe Death Valley has a limit of two weeks’ stay for visitors.