Touring Hartland Winery in Indiana

One of the very best parts of joining Harvest Hosts is the variety of personal experiences you can encounter at each location that you visit. With wineries, museums, farms, breweries, and so much more to choose from, the possibilities are seemingly endless. One of our Host locations just so happens to include the 2018 Indiana Winery of the Year: Hartland Winery. Located in the rolling hills of northern Dekalb County, Hartland Winery is a rare Midwestern treat. This fantastic operation is available to Harvest Hosts members for overnight accommodations with no camping fees, so read on to learn all about this winery, its history, processes, and what members can expect upon visitation.

The History

In 2006, Alan Lockhart planted a vineyard on acreage that has been in his family for three generations. He quickly began to use the grapes harvested from his vineyards to make wine. Soon after, Alan began to win a variety of awards for his wines. As Alan’s talent in winemaking became clearer, he and Brenda started making plans to open a winery. As they grew closer to retirement age, their plans came together, and they opened Hartland Winery in May 2016. Just two years later, they received the award for 2018 Indiana Winery of the Year. Today, they continue to focus on producing quality, small batch wines for the enjoyment of all who walk through their doors.

The Business Today

Hartland Winery’s vineyard spans four acres of land, and they grow six varietals of grapes on their property. These include Seyval Bland, Lacrescent, Ives, Vignoles, Vidal Blanc, and Norton. These grape varietals, along with grapes harvested by some local growers, produce the vineyard’s famous wines. These wines include a range of fruit wines and bourbon-barrel aged wines, with white, blush, and red wines to choose from. On-site staff members are available to help visitors select the perfect wine. The winery itself has a casual atmosphere, and visitors can sample Hartland’s wines, along with a variety of local beers served on tap.  Hartland hosts some events throughout the year and also has a wine club for more involved members. 

Both Alan and Brenda Lockhart have a passion for wine and for talking about wine with anyone who enters their doors. When asked to describe their favorite part of running their business, they explained their love for wine and meeting wine lovers, saying, “Everyone is at a different stage in their wine journey and we light up when someone comes in and finds a new favorite.” Because they have such a wide range of award-winning wines, there is a wine for almost everyone who visits Hartland Winery. Helping people find what best appeals to them is their specialty.

Joining Harvest Hosts

Very soon after opening their winery for business, Hartland Winery joined Harvest Hosts as a host location. Their friends were members, and these friends thought that Hartland would make a great addition to the program. Since 2016, the Lockharts have hosted many RVers from all walks of life. Meeting new people and hearing their stories is one of their favorite parts of being a Host location.

Visiting Hartland Winery

Harvest Hosts members who visit Hartland Winery are immediately met with gorgeous views of the rolling hills of Northeastern Indiana. Overnight parking overlooks the hills and vineyards, and the sunsets there are fantastic. The setting is peaceful, and visitors can enjoy wine and cheese plates on the outdoor patio, all whilst overlooking the vineyards and patches of wildflowers in the distance. This is almost as good as Harvest Hosts camping can get.

For those who wish to visit, the Lockharts ask that they call ahead and reserve a space and also that they arrive within business hours, as their property closes for the evening each day. There are three reservable, pet-friendly spaces for RVs of any size, and there is also a gift shop on site. Just a short drive away, travelers can visit Pokagon State Park in Steuben County, as well as the famous ACD museum in Auburn, Indiana.

Their Mission

Above all, Hartland Winery is a winery that prides itself on creating handcrafted, small batch wines. As the driving mindset behind everything they do, creating small batches of wine allows them to create a wider variety of wines that are always at their peak of freshness and flavor. The care and thoughtfulness poured into each and every bottle shows, as evidenced by visitor accounts and testimonies. 

The owners strive to experiment with new ideas and processes, always innovating to create the best possible wines for their guests. If you want to come and experience this amazing place for yourself, be sure to give them a call to reserve a space. Their peak seasons are late spring, summer, and fall, and you must be a Harvest Hosts member to stay overnight. Be sure to leave a review and let us know all about your experiences!

Have you visited Hartland Winery? How was your experience? Is there another winery or vineyard you think we should feature? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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