Useful Decluttering Tips Before Moving to Your RV

So, you’ve decided to hit the road and move to your RV? Congratulations are in order!

To pack your life into a tiny home on wheels, you should first learn how to declutter and get rid of all the unnecessary stuff you find hard to separate from your life.

Luckily, a wide community of RV enthusiasts has already found some strategies to help you during your first attempt. 

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Keep only the essentials 

When choosing what to bring and keep in our RV, most of us tend to cling to the things we love but that aren’t of much use while traveling.

This is why the most important step of decluttering is to reduce what we pack to a bare minimum. Choose what you think is super essential to bring along and set everything else aside.

After you have made the first selection, go through it again and pull out the extras that you secretly smuggled in. Repeat this step as many times as possible, until you are able to organize your RV space in a way that you feel cozy and relaxed without any clutter piling up.

Once you get used to living in your RV, you should repeat this process every couple of months. Each time, make sure that everything you keep is truly essential for use on the road.

If you notice you have been carrying something around without using it, dump it. Make room for something new that will benefit your RV lifestyle.

How to know whether you are keeping only the essentials

I’m glad you brought that up! 

One great way to make sure you are not cluttering is to assign a place for each item you bring along. Use a labeling system to make sure you don’t forget where things belong. An RV doesn’t really have a lot of space to let you pile things up, so clean up every day and check for thingsyou’ve been keeping around for no good reason.

Find safe storage for your valuables

Whether you are leaving your home permanently or just for a couple of months, it is always a good idea to consider where you should keep your most valuable belongings. 


Things that are taking up too much space to carry along with you, but are too precious to leave unsupervised for long, might need to be stored in a safe or storage unit.

Get help by hiring a moving company that offers packing services to make sure your important assets and memories are well preserved while you are living on the road. A team of professionals will know best how to protect things like jewelry, art, fashion collections, heirloom furniture, and anything else you cherish.

With your belongings safe and sound, you will find it easier to take off and not worry about a thing!

Best solutions for keeping your RV organized as you go

So, once you pack the most important things in your RV and safely lay aside the rest, it is time to get into the habit of downsizing and decluttering along the way.

Here are some pro tips to improve your RV living:

  1. Find items that can serve multiple purposes.
  2. Use all of your space. Add additional bars, hooks, and shelves where you are able to. Make sure to dedicate them for truly useful storage purposes. Replace large items with smaller sizes or find ways to nest things inside each other.
  3. Prioritize. When living in an RV, you must know what your priorities are, and make sure you always have room for them. Things such as water containers, toilet paper, an extensive toolset, first aid, and so on, must always be full and in their place.

Need more space?

Be creative with the way you pack your RV. Your bathroom, kitchen, and fridge can always use an extra shelf or a bar installed somewhere to make the space more efficient to use.

If you don’t have enough room for your kitchen knives, spoons, or grill forks, consider installing a magnetic strip near your sink, for example. But just remember, all the wobbly things you carry must be fastened down or put in a drawer while you are driving. 

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