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Welcome To My Ride with Living Small Dreaming Big

Do you love RV and camper renovations? Do you dream about living in an Airstream full-time? Check out the family who did just that!

Come meet this Harvest Hosts Member family of four—Living Small Dreaming Big—and check out their ride! Stuart and Lindsay have two kids—Audrey and Maverick—and live on the road full time. They did a complete refurbish of their Airstream RV to meet the needs of their nomadic lifestyle. Let’s check it out. 


What RV Do They Live In?

They live in a 2001 Airstream Safari that is 27 feet in length.


What Do They Tow With?

They use a 2019 Ram 2500 with a diesel engine to pull this 7,500 pound Airstream.


How Long Is Their RV Set Up?

Their total length between their RV and truck is about 50 feet in length.


What Are Some of Their Key Features?

A lot of RVers want to customize things, but get a little afraid to do it. Because Stuart is an RV technician, he was confident in his ability, and it shows! Here are some of the key features this family of four included in their rig. 


Lightweight Countertop Solution for Their RV

They used a 3/4 inch birch plywood to create the countertops and cutouts for the sink and then covered it with an epoxy. Epoxy is a great way to give dimension and durability while maintaining a lightweight countertop. With their epoxy countertops, they were able to get a finished stone look without the weight. It looks beautiful. 


They Have 2 Refrigerators inside Their RV

RV refrigerators are rather small. With a family of four addressing this issue was a necessity. They were able to find a unique place to add a second refrigerator and freezer. Watch this video and see it for yourself


Flip Up, Flip Down, or Slide Out

They decided to maximize space by eliminating swinging doors, and allowing every place the chance to be transitional. 

  • Their bathroom door is a barn door that keeps the flow through the kitchen nice and open. 
  • They use a flip up table to create a workspace—or homeschooling—desk, to eat meals when it is raining, or leave down to create play space for the rest of the day. 
  • All of their cabinets slide out on rollers to help access space in the back of the cabinets without needing to stand on your head to get items from the back. 
  • The living room is more than a place to watch tv. They have a couch that doubles as their bed and is also used for their family theater room. 
  • Flip up the bed and you will find a second refrigerator and their solar power equipment. And in front of the refrigerator—exposed to the front of the bed—you’ll find totes for everyone’s shoes. 


What Do They Use to Cook?

Stuart and Lindsay use an induction cooktop, and a large size toaster oven. In addition, they have an Instant Pot stowed in their pull out cabinets. 


Where Do the Kids Sleep?

The kids have their own room in this 27 foot Airstream. In the back of the RV, they built a wall with two full-size twin beds and closet space for their clothes. 


What Is Their Bathroom Like?

Like any RV bathroom, it is a little tight—but highly functional. Their bathroom was overhauled and feels spacious—even though it has a small footprint. They used the same 3/4 inch birchwood and epoxy for their countertop. Then, they used styrofoam for their shower walls and covered it with epoxy to make it waterproof and beautiful. 


Their toilet is a composting toilet because they didn’t want to worry about where they would be dumping it. 


What Luxuries Did They Include?

  • A full size coffee bar might be the same size as the rest of the kitchen. They love their coffee and they had to include an espresso machine to get them to pick me up throughout the day. 
  • The second refrigerator. 
  • An instant hot water heater for longer hot showers most RVers have to forgo while traveling. 


Did They Make Upgrades Outside?

Outside they made quite a few upgrades, improvements, or tweaks to make life easier. 


They Upgraded Their Water Filters

They installed a Blu Tech R3 water filter system. It is a compact, three-stage filtration system that filters down to 0.2 microns. 

They also installed a built in water pressure regulator and set it to 50 PSI. This eliminates the need to worry about setting it up each time you connect to an outside water source.


How Do They Stay Connected?

This family of four uses Starlink to stay connected on the road. They bought a telescoping flag pole from Harbor Freight, and they use it to fly old glory and elevate their dish to stay connected. 

Blu Technology three-stage water filter system. 


These Are Just Some of the Highlights

If you want to see what else this creative nomadic family has done to their refurbished rig, you’ll have to watch the video. We can’t give you all the details here. And if you want to get sneak peeks inside of other RVs without walking around the campground at night trying to peek in the windows—and you know you do—you can follow along in our “Welcome To My Ride” series with Harvest Hosts


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