Where to RV Camp for the 2024 Solar Eclipse in Oklahoma

On April 8th, 2024, as the solar eclipse traverses North America, Oklahoma will offer unique perspectives just outside the path of totality. While we don’t have campgrounds directly in the path, our nearby locations provide excellent opportunities to experience the eclipse’s near-total phases. These sites, chosen for their clear skies and scenic views, are ideally situated for those seeking to witness the celestial event. Oklahoma’s natural beauty and open spaces will ensure a memorable viewing experience. For eclipse enthusiasts and RV campers, our selection of close-proximity campgrounds invites you to explore and enjoy this spectacular phenomenon. Visit our main 2024 Solar Eclipse page for more information on maximizing your eclipse viewing experience for rv camping in Oklahoma.


What Time Is The 2024 Solar Eclipse In Oklahoma

Mark your calendars for April 8, 2024, as Oklahoma becomes a prime spot for the 2024 solar eclipse. This event is set to captivate both dedicated skywatchers and casual viewers, offering a special moment when the moon obscures the sun, casting a shadow that transforms day into night. Prepare for a unique spectacle of celestial dynamics. Here’s a quick guide to catch the eclipse’s key moments in Oklahoma:


  • Partial Eclipse Begins: Visible from Oklahoma City around 11:47 am CDT.
  • Totality Starts: Experience total darkness near Tulsa at approximately 1:08 pm CDT.
  • Totality Ends: The total eclipse concludes near Tulsa around 1:10 pm CDT.
  • Partial Eclipse Ends: Daylight returns by approximately 2:32 pm CDT in Oklahoma City.


Where To Camp In Oklahoma For The 2024 Eclipse?

Camping is an exceptional way to experience the 2024 solar eclipse, and while Oklahoma boasts a variety of RV camping sites, it’s important to note that we don’t have locations exactly within the path of totality. However, we offer a practical solution for those seeking the perfect view: park your RV at one of our recommended sites, detach, and drive to a nearby location within the path of totality. This flexibility ensures you won’t miss out on the full eclipse experience. Here are five recommended camping spots in Oklahoma that allow you to easily venture into the path of totality for the ultimate celestial observation.


Lost Street Brewing Co (99.7% Visibility)

Durant, OK

Tucked away on the quaint streets of Durant, Oklahoma, Lost Street Brewing Co. is a family and pet-friendly haven that’s as much about crafting exceptional beers as it is about creating memorable moments. This brewery is a vibrant community hub, offering a spacious beer garden, a cozy taproom, an expansive brewhouse, and an event center designed to cater to all tastes. With the capacity to welcome rigs up to 45 feet and offering two parking spaces, they make it easy for travelers to stop by for a night of fun, with the convenience of same-day requests.

Request Your Stay at Lost Street Brewing Co


Melodye’s Bountiful Acres (99% Visibility)

Thackerville, OK

Discover a tranquil retreat at a charming farm, where the beauty of alpaca farming is just the beginning. Here, visitors are welcomed into a world where they can get up close and personal with not just alpacas, but a variety of farm animals, enriching their understanding through engaging tours. This farm is equipped to accommodate large rigs, offering convenience with electrical plugins and accessible water, making it an ideal stop for those on the road. The farm store is a highlight, featuring an array of handmade alpaca products, alongside the wholesome goodness of homemade elderberry syrup and fresh honey from the farm’s bees. A visit here is more than just a day out; it’s an immersive experience into farm life, artisanal craftsmanship, and the joy of connecting with nature.

Request Your Stay at Melodye’s Bountiful Acres


Rocky Top Winery (97.8% Visibility)

Allen, OK

Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of a winery set on a sprawling cattle ranch, where the allure of fine wines meets the charm of country living. This unique destination offers cozy cabin stays beside a peaceful lake, perfect for a serene getaway. With a focus on local craftsmanship, the winery’s gift shop features an array of Oklahoma-made products, from aromatic soy candles to artisanal goat milk soap and gourmet jams. While tailored for specific visitor accommodations, a day spent here promises a delightful blend of wine tasting and rustic elegance, making it an unforgettable retreat into the heart of the countryside.

Request Your Stay at Rocky Top Winery


Dakota Star Ranch (97.6% Visibility)

Checotah, OK

Discover a serene retreat known for its breathtaking sunrises, sunsets, and a sky ablaze with stars. Established with a mission to offer a loving home for farm animals and to engage visitors with educational programs and sustainable practices, this ranch stands as a beacon of kindness and connection in the heart of nature. The inspiration for its founding comes from a story of transformation and healing, embodied in the rescue and recovery of a once-neglected canine, symbolizing the ranch’s commitment to providing a sanctuary where every being can thrive.

Request Your Stay at Dakota Star Ranch


Crossed Arrows Alpacas & Fiber Mill (96.2% Visibility)

Duncan, OK

Discover a tranquil escape at a unique farm that doubles as a full-service fiber mill, specializing in alpaca and llama fleece. This destination offers the perfect blend of rural charm and artisan craftsmanship, with accommodations for large rigs and the opportunity to witness the solar eclipse in a serene setting. Guests can immerse themselves in farm life, surrounded by alpacas, sheep, donkeys, and guardian dogs, making for a memorable retreat. The farm also invites visitors to explore its range of natural fiber products, from roving and yarn to felt, alongside candles, farmhouse decor, and other unique items. Available by appointment on weekends, this farm provides an enriching experience that combines the wonders of celestial phenomena with the warmth of country living.

Request Your Stay at Crossed Arrows Alpacas & Fiber Mill


Book Your Oklahoma Eclipse RV Camping Trip Today

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