6 Clever ways to make money

6 Clever Ways To Make Money While RVing

Traveling is one of the activities that many people deem expensive. But it is important to try and stary traveling to make the best out of your life, experience, and growth. Traveling can help you in many ways. And if money is your problem, then why not try and make some bucks while RVing? Yes, it is possible to make money as you use recreational vehicles to explore various places.

Whether you are traveling for leisure or while searching for new opportunities abroad, you cannot miss catching an RV even once in a while. But that does not mean that you are going to suffer loss for exposure and experience without direct income. Read on to understand six of the most essential ways you can use your recreational time to generate substantial income to support your needs and goals.

1. Telecommuting

Many businesses allow people to work online full-time. You do not need to go to the office every day to do your duties. As much as you deliver the assigned projects by the end of the day, physical appearance matters little in your work environment. And nobody is going to ask you where you are located while working.

Whether you travel abroad or you go for an RV tour during the day, you can still work in the middle of an activity. As the vehicle is equipped with essential accessories and amenities for a complete home and office experience. You should not worry about sitting on a passenger seat while working. You can always have ample time and space to respond, collaborate, and submit assignments while moving or at the campground.

2. Freelancing Online

Do you know why I love freelancing? Nobody cares about your schedule, as long as you deliver the assigned projects on time. You can use your skills to work with anyone you feel like, any timezone, and at your preferred pace. Freelancing can help you to make sufficient money while RVing. Depending on your daily activities, you can work on your freelancing projects in the morning or evening, and enjoy a good sleep at night while experiencing life in the day.

With whatever skill you have, you can work online straight from your RV. Did you know that you can make more money freelancing than doing a permanent job? Yes, because you can command payment according to what you deliver. Quality work and timely delivery are always more important than the qualifications and duration of experience you have. Setting your work hours properly can help you to work for more hours than a day’s job, and that means more earnings while enjoying your snack on your RV’s flat roof rack.

3. Workamping

For those people who prefer “real” jobs, this might sound like a better opportunity for you. Workamping is simply work camping. Campgrounds in various places are always looking for people to work for them. They prefer to have work campers because they can provide them with stay during their tenure with no camping fees, which can reduce the cost of travel.

There are many sectors you can work in. Some of them do not require any official qualifications – like cleaning. Qualified RVers can work in offices or in the kitchen. You do not need to worry about how much you can make from such jobs because you will be receiving a waiver in your fees for the trip. The money can also boost your holiday, because, after all, you were to be idle all the time.

4. Start a Blog

Are you a good storyteller? Do you have a passion for words? Why not tell people stories about your travel experiences, make recommendations, and make money? Blogging is one of the best paying part-time opportunities you may not have discovered yet. The reason I prefer blogging is that you can write about anything you feel like. But you will be better placed when you stay consistent on a niche.

While traveling, you can get blogging tips from various experiences. It is ideal to walk around with your notebook and write the points when they come into your mind. You will use them to create amazing and engaging content that your readers will love. You can see a lot of our member blogs and websites on our travel links page

Before you misquote me, blogging is an awesome business for people who know patience. It is not meant for the faint-hearted. You cannot get rich overnight because you wrote a post. Learn to set up your site and advertise your content. For you to get consistent traffic to your blog, you need to write consistently about some compelling stuff. But you will also want to learn SEO to put your site on the first page on Google.

There exist various ways of making money from a blog. You can do affiliate marketing, selling advertising space (for example Google AdSense), or sell courses online. When the fruits of your labor start to manifest, you can be sure to make a good income from your blog and make traveling your full-time job.

5. Amazon CamperForce

While RVing, you can join Amazon’s seasonal jobs. The CamperForce brings together people who love traveling in an RV to form a task force for their various positions. Some of the opportunities you will get involve packing, receiving, picking, or stowing at various Amazon warehouses near your campground.

You will want to be aware that such positions are time-demanding, and they usually hire full-time workers. You will, therefore, need to plan on how to handle the job during your vacation so that you do not disappoint yourself for not meeting your RV’ing expectations. However, since the payment is hourly, you can make enough money to cover most of your holiday expenses.

6. Become an RV Technician

Machines do break on the road. RVs are not exceptional. I know what you think. Why should I care about it when I can call my dealer for a warranty and local mechanics to fix the machine? But what if people can call you and offer you the job instead of dishing out money. There is a catch, though. You need the skills on repairing RVs before you can start the job.

With the required qualification, you will not need to pay anybody to fix your recreational vehicle when it breaks down out there. You can also help other campers to fix theirs. Doing basic checkups for the people around you can help you to gain popularity and referrals. Then you can make some bucks fixing any RV that requires a technician’s attention.

Have fun, but don’t break the bank!

Going on a vacation with your RV may seem too expensive. However, for many people, RVing is an awesome opportunity for them to make some extra cash while spending their vacation. There are so many opportunities that you can exploit to maximize your revenue. You cannot, however, do everything at the same time.

You have to choose one opportunity that makes you happy, brings you income, and can afford you the freedom you need while traveling. The six opportunities in this post are only a gateway, and you always have the freedom to innovate and create your opportunities as you move.


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