Flying into the Fargo Air Museum

Harvest Hosts is a unique RV membership program with a large network of available hosts. So far, 4850+ locations have opened their hearts and their homes and/or businesses to members of the Harvest Hosts RVing community. Through this program, members receive overnight accommodations with no camping fees in peaceful and serene places across North America. In return, members are asked to make a purchase to patronize the small business that hosts them. Of these Hosts, Fargo Air Museum is rather unique and informational. Here, you can learn all about this museum’s history, its operations today, its origins within the Harvest Hosts community, and what future visitors can expect to experience.

The History

In the late 1990s, a group of Fargo-based military folks, agriculture pilots, and Warbird restorers came to a joint realization. They quickly concluded that there was a wealth of historic aircraft knowledge, as well as a passion for aviation, education, and restoration, within their local community. Together, the group developed their mission statement and a long term plan, opening the museum’s first hangar in 2001. Then, in 2008, the organization expanded their building and their collection. The Fargo Air Museum is now a designated 501(c)-3 non-profit organization that sets forth to raise funds through charitable giving contributions.

The primary mission of the Fargo Air Museum is to inspire new generations of aviators. Their educational program is full of exciting opportunities designed to rev the engines of future pilots, aircraft mechanics, air traffic controllers, and more. Their aviation camps and school partnerships offer a variety of hands-on learning for school-age flight enthusiasts. They also offer group tours and activities for the younger daycare-aged crowd. 

The Business Today

Today, the Fargo Air Museum displays a variety of unique exhibits, while also providing community education and hosting a variety of events. The museum gives visitors the rare opportunity to see and explore two hangars full of aircraft. These range from a Wright Brothers’ flyer to the MQ-1 Predator unmanned aircraft. The majority of their planes are still able to fly. Everyone gets excited when they hear the rumble of an engine on the ramp. 

Guests are welcome to wander the museum solo or schedule a tour with one of the museum’s veteran pilot guides. In addition, they offer audio tours, which are guaranteed to help guests learn something new.

Currently, the Fargo Air Museum is supporting the full restoration of a Vultee BT-13 Valiant. Hard work, time, and dedication from board members, volunteers, engineering students, and aviation enthusiasts alike are all coming together piece-by-piece to help this piece of history do the same.

As more than just a simple place to display many aircraft, military memorabilia, and exhibits, the Fargo Air Museum also houses a robust aviation library. Likewise, the museum hosts monthly educational day-camps, speakers, and seminars for flight fans of all ages to enjoy. It is also home to an extensive gift shop featuring toys, clothing, books, and much more.

Joining Harvest Hosts

Fargo Air Museum joined the Harvest Hosts community about a year ago. The location and its nearby amenities have been convenient for many guests. Several have also remarked that the parking lot felt rather safe and peaceful for them. There are two pet-friendly spaces available for RVs of any size to camp.

The Fargo Air Museum is a fantastic place for visitors to learn about aviation, participate in restoration, and see full-scale pieces of history close-up. Be sure to stop by next time you pass through Fargo or southeastern North Dakota!

Have you visited the Fargo Air Museum? Do you enjoy learning about aviation and aircraft? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences below!

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