Best RV Backup Camera Options

Heading to a new campground, boondocking spot, or Harvest Hosts location can be a really exciting experience. However, many  RVers aren’t comfortable traveling or parking without a backup camera, due to not having a rearview mirror and limited side mirrors. If your backup camera needs to be upgraded or if your RV isn’t equipped with one, then choosing a new backup camera can be a daunting task. After all, a Google search lists out six million results and Amazon has nearly 750 RV backup cameras for sale. However, Harvest Hosts has your back. Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best backup cameras rated and tested by actual RVers, just like you and me. 

Discover our top picks for:

  • Wired Backup Cameras
  • Wireless Backup Cameras
  • Phone or Tablet Display Cameras
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Wired vs Wireless?

Both wired and wireless backup cameras have their own advantages or disadvantages. A wired backup camera typically provides a better, more consistent picture but is more difficult to install. It may even take a professional to help run the wires through your RV. In addition, a wireless setup is much easier to install, but can have spotty service and is typically more expensive. Furthermore, if you’re simply upgrading your existing RV’s backup camera, it’s easier to stick to the same type that’s already installed. 


Our Top Picks

Below are some of the best rated and overall favorite wired RV backup cameras. These ratings take into account the kit price, size, inclusions, and more.

eRapta Split Screen with 4 Cameras

The eRapta system comes with four cameras to ensure your RV’s front, back, or blind spots are covered. RVers have the flexibility to install these waterproof cameras anywhere they desire on their RV. While traveling, the system allows you to switch between viewing all four cameras at once on a split screen, or you can view each camera individually on the monitor, which is seven inches in size. Everything in this kit is included for ease of setup, which includes a remote to control the monitor. 

eRapta split screen with 4 cameras

DoHonest 7” LCD

This affordable, yet highly-rated waterproof backup camera includes everything needed for setup. Customers receive a 1080-pixel, seven-inch monitor, sixty-six total feet of cable, and mounts for both the camera and the monitor. For safe driving, the camera provides a crisp, consistent picture at day or night. The monitor is also capable of managing two channels to support an additional camera.

DoHonest 7″ LCD

Fookoo II 9” Setup

The Fookoo brand backup camera is highly-rated for the quality, ease of installation, and customer support provided. The kit includes fifty feet of cable, a bracket, a mount, a remote, and of course the camera and monitor. The monitor is available in a seven-inch, nine-inch, or ten-inch size.

FooKoo II 9″ Setup

Most Affordable

These cameras are some of the best-value wired cameras, offering affordability while not skimping on quality.

Yakry 7” LCD

This highly-rated, yet affordable backup camera setup includes sixty-six feet of wire and a mount for the monitor. The camera itself is waterproof and offers a high-quality picture. The seven-inch monitor is capable of displaying up to two cameras (additional camera purchase required) for ultimate visibility.

Yakry 7″ LCD

ToGuard 7” LCD

The ToGuard is the most affordable backup camera on our list and has hundreds of great reviews. The setup includes forty-nine feet of cable, a remote, and a mount for the monitor. The overall installation is fairly easy, and the monitor is capable of displaying two cameras for additional coverage. RVers love the heavy-duty construction of the camera, the quality of the night vision, and the large size of the seven-inch monitor. 

ToGuard 7″ LCD


Our Top Picks

Below are some of the best rated and overall favorite wireless RV backup cameras. These ratings take into account the kit price, size, inclusions, and more.

Yakry 7” LCD

This high-quality wireless kit includes two cameras but can display up to four (additional two cameras not included). The range covers up to sixty feet, which should be generous for most RV setups. The monitor itself supports recording your drives with an SD memory card (not included). 

Yakry 7″ LCD

Fookoo 9” with 4 Cameras

Fookoo also manufactures a wireless backup camera setup that includes four cameras for ultimate coverage. The range is guaranteed up to 128-feet, while traveling up to ninety-five mph, which is very impressive for a wireless camera. This monitor also supports recording of travels with an included SD card. There are a variety of purchasing options, with options for a three-camera kit, a four-camera kit with a seven-inch monitor, or a four-camera kit with a nine-inch monitor, all available at varying price points.

FooKoo 9″ with 4 cameras

Most Affordable

These cameras are some of the best-value wireless cameras, offering affordability while not skimping on quality.

DoHonest 5” LCD

The DoHonest wireless camera setup features a waterproof camera that can withstand extreme temperatures. RVers enjoy the easy installation and towable RV owners enjoy the smaller, five-inch size of the monitor. Even though the screen is a small size, it still supports the split screen function for the viewing of two cameras. This wireless camera is best for rig setups under thirty total feet in length. 

DoHonest 5″ LCD

LeeKooLuu 5” HD

The LeeKooLuu wireless setup is the cheapest on our list and covers RVs up to forty feet in length. This highly-rated backup camera can support up to two cameras, but only one is included in the kit. The installation process is simple, and the picture is crisp, even at night.

LeeKooLuu 5″ HD

Phone or Tablet Display

The following backup camera options allow for the camera display to stream directly to your phone or a tablet through an app. Some people prefer this choice because it does not require interior installation and can make set-ups a bit simpler, especially if you already have a GPS and TPMS mounted in your motorhome cab or truck. Because of their functionality, please keep in mind that all of these options are wireless.

Our Top Picks

EWAY for iPhone or Tablet

EWAY brand backup camera is wireless and connects straight to your phone. The setup guarantees coverage for a 100-foot range, making this an excellent choice for the price point. However, at the time this article was written, this brand is only compatible with Apple iPhones and iPads.  

Eway for iPhone or tablet

Rohent HD

The Rohent wireless camera setup is available on Apple or Android phones and tablets, making this choice a bit more universal. However, the setup only guarantees up to thirty feet of wireless coverage, making it more suitable for smaller rigs. 

Rohent HD

LastBus for Phone or Tablet

The LastBus backup camera is highly-rated, affordable, and fully compatible with Apple or Android. The setup guarantees up to fifty feet of coverage and offers an easy installation process.

LastBus for phone or tablet

Choosing any new RV product can be a daunting task. However, with careful research, the reading of reviews, and some shopping around, anything is possible. All of the choices from our article today come from, which is the quickest way for RVers on the road to shop online and receive an item. In addition, Camping World also has several backup cameras to choose from both in-store and online. We hope that whatever you choose provides you with safe, enjoyable, and stress-free travel all year long.

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