Cruising through Correcaminos Vineyard

Harvest Hosts is an incredible membership program with a diverse network of available hosts. So far, 4853+ locations have opened their hearts and their homes and/or businesses to members of the Harvest Hosts RV community, allowing them overnight accommodations with no camping fees in beautiful places across North America. In return, members are expected to make a small purchase to support the small business. One of our awesome hosts is Correcaminos Vineyard in Ramona, California, a winery making beautifully, hand-crafted wines from estate and local grapes. Continue on to learn all about the vineyard’s incredible history, its origins within the Harvest Hosts program, and what visiting guests can expect to find.

The History

Doug and Sue, the owners, began planting their first grape vines in 2011. They then produced their first wines in 2014, and they opened their tasting patio in 2018. They have since joined the RVVA (Ramona Valley Vineyard Association) and have built a boutique winery/vineyard in the Ramona Valley AVA.  Correcaminos Vineyard now covers five acres of vineyards and a tasting patio.

The Business Today

Today, Doug and Sue continue to enjoy running their business and meeting and hosting guests. They have a wide variety of wines available, including whites, rosés, sweets, and dry wines. They gladly give tours and offer tastings, selling wines by the bottle as well. Their wine is served family style at large tables where several people can sit and share the tastings with other guests. This further contributes to the unique and intimate atmosphere.

When asked about what they enjoy about running their business, they replied, “The winemaking is always an adventure. You never know what the grapes are going to give you in any given year.  Each vintage is individual and different.  We enjoy sharing this with our guests.” In addition to their winemaking, they also host occasional events and offer a wine membership.

Joining Harvest Hosts

Correcaminos Vineyard joined Harvest Hosts in April of 2018. One of the other vineyards in our area recommended that they join, and they haven’t looked back since. They feel that the RVers always add to their guest experience. They have a very relaxed vibe and want their guests to feel at home when they visit. The patio is always available to sit and enjoy the many birds and flowers. In addition, they are within walking distance of an organic farm, so guests can enjoy fresh produce while staying at the vineyard.

Correcaminos, meaning Roadrunner, focuses on the nature of the rural Ramona lifestyle. When visiting Correcaminos Vineyard, guests will absolutely get a taste of this unique area and all that it has to offer. In the words of Doug and Sue, “We look forward to meeting you and sharing life stories over a glass of Correcaminos wine.” Be sure to stop here next time you find yourself in Southern California.

Have you ever visited Southern California’s wine region? What did you think! Feel free to share your thoughts below!

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