Experiencing Pleasant Journey Alpacas

Harvest Hosts is a unique membership program that provides members with access to 1053+ hosts across North America for free overnight accommodations. The wide variety of host locations is one of the greatest appeals of buying a Harvest Hosts membership. These hosts include wineries, breweries, farms, museums, distilleries, and many other types of attractions. Staying overnight gives visitors a one-of-a-kind, behind-the-scenes experience that is unlike any other.  One of the most unique locations available to members is Pleasant Journey Alpacas in Hesperus, Colorado. Continue on to learn all about this farm, their processes and goals, and what members can enjoy and experience there.

At Pleasant Journey Alpacas, they breed alpacas and sell alpaca products.

The History

Pleasant Journey Alpacas began in 2007 with just three alpacas. The owners, Susan and Glenn Kasch, quickly fell in love with these animals and now have forty alpacas of their own and fifty alpacas that they board on their property. This alpaca farm is located in Hesperus, Colorado, just sixteen miles from the city of Durango. They recently celebrated twelve years in business and are proud of their designation as the largest alpaca farm in southwestern Colorado.

The Business Today

Breeding Alpacas

At Pleasant Journey, Susan and Glenn Kasch take great pride in their alpaca breeding and sales. Their herd consists of a wide variety of alpaca breeds and color variations, including Hemmingway, Poseidon, ATV Adonnis, Rayo del Sol, Orlando Cloud, Silver Legend of KPR and .38 Special, just to name a few. They breed and sell alpacas and also offer a stud service for the breeding needs of other alpaca owners. Their primary goal is to improve the excellence of their alpaca herd through quality breeding practices with their own herd and through outside breedings. Ensuring they only produce the highest quality alpacas results in excellent fiber, ideal characteristics, and friendly alpaca personalities.

In addition to breeding and selling alpacas, Pleasant Journey also provides assistance to other alpaca breeders and ranches starting up. They want new breeders to feel comfortable with Pleasant Journey Alpacas, knowing that they will be there to assist them every step of the way. This includes help with setting up a new ranch, choosing the right alpaca(s) for their needs, teaching daily care and herd management, and more. Those purchasing alpacas from Pleasant Journey or breeding their alpacas with Pleasant Journey’s alpacas can rest assured that they are working with some of the most helpful alpaca experts in the industry.

Breeding quality alpacas is one of the owners' biggest goals.

Other Services and Offerings

Those who may not be interested in owning or breeding their own alpacas can rest assured that there is plenty for them to experience at the ranch, as well. They offer a tour of the ranch to meet the alpacas and learn all about them, which can be set up by calling ahead of time. There is also a lovely ranch store with various alpaca fiber products for sale, including yarns, rugs, and stuffed animals. Those who enjoy warm, woolen products will love their excellent selection of alpaca fiber creations.

The on site store sells a variety of alpaca fiber products.

Joining Harvest Hosts

Pleasant Journey Alpacas has been a host for Harvest Hosts for about five or six years. They learned about Harvest Hosts from another alpaca ranch in Washington and joined the program soon after. They have since enjoyed the experience of hosting RVers and meeting new friends through the membership program. Overnight guests are invited to park their RV’s by the barn to overlook the alpacas. Some guests have even been able to experience live alpaca births at certain times of the year. Guests also enjoy viewing the maternity pen, where most of the young alpacas and their mothers are housed.

Through Harvest Hosts, Susan and Glenn say that they have met many wonderful people, forming many new relationships and friendships. They have even stayed in touch with some previously hosted RVers, enjoying the experience of seeing how others live their lives and also sharing their way of life with others. When asked about their favorite part of running their business, they responded, “We love the alpacas and meeting the people that come to visit. It is rewarding when you hear ‘this is the BEST place ever!’ It is truly a joy to see faces light up when they see the alpacas.” 

Harvest Hosts members can stay at the ranch for free.

Visiting Pleasant Journey Alpacas

In the past, they have even had some of their animals form special bonds with visitors and RVers, particularly young children. Some of the alpacas will even give kisses, and meeting them is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Susan and Glenn almost guarantee that visitors will fall in love with their herd after meeting and learning about them, encouraging any nearby members to come visit.

Harvest Hosts members can stay at the ranch for free.

If all this sounds right up your alley, then perhaps it’s time to plan a visit to southwestern Colorado. After all, late spring and summer are ideal times to visit Colorado. Pleasant Journey Alpacas has one reservable, pet-friendly space for RVs under forty-five feet. Come enjoy this forty-five acre farm, and don’t forget to leave a review detailing your experience when you do!

At Pleasant Journey Alpacas, they breed alpacas and sell alpaca products.

Have you visited Pleasant Journey Alpacas? If not, have you ever visited another alpaca farm? Feel free to share your experiences and thoughts in the comments below!

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