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Harvest Hosts is an incredibly unique RV membership program. Through this program, members are granted access to 5174+ host locations across North America for overnight accommodations with no camping fees. To support each of these businesses, members typically make a small purchase of wine or produce or whatever it is that the business is selling or offering. Locations include establishments such as farms, wineries, breweries, museums, restaurants, attractions, and more. Rafter W Ranch is an excellent example of one of our unique hosts. Located southeast of Denver, Colorado, this ranch raises cattle for meat in a sustainable manner. Continue on to learn all about the business, its history, the operation today, and its joining of the Harvest Hosts program.

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The History

The history of the story behind Rafter W Ranch began on a small lot in Elizabeth, with the desire to live as sustainably. This led to the Wheeler family’s desire to grow their own grass-fed meat and eggs. They quickly fell in love with the lifestyle of farming their own food, and soon after, their neighbors began asking if they could buy their meat and eggs.  Soon after that, the Wheelers acquired 100 acres of land, and Rafter W Ranch was officially born.

A few years later, the property next to Rafter Ranch became available, and the total acreage has since added up to 640. The Wheelers used this additional land to rebuild the soil, which means greater nutrition for more animals.  Now, the entire family, including the Wheeler’s children and grandchildren, are all involved in one way or another. Their dream of running a family-owned meat and egg company in Colorado officially came true, and they continue to thrive today.

The Business Today

Today, Rafter W Ranch continues to operate as a small family ranch based out of Simla, Colorado. They are situated at 5800 feet in elevation, where the days are warm and the nights are cool. They also continue to use exclusively holistic methods to not only enhance the soil but create nutrient-dense food of the highest quality. Currently, they raise pastured Angus beef steers using only what nature provides (grass) during spring, summer, and fall, and grass hay out on pasture during the winter season. Their animals are raised strictly without antibiotics, hormones, or grains, creating healthy and high-quality cuts of meat.

Overall, their goal continues to be to rebuild the soil and to use low-stress handling techniques to ensure tender meat. In addition to high-quality beef, they also offer pastured eggs, when available. They are proud members of the Weston A Price Foundation (WAPF) and certified producers for the American Grassfed Association (AGA).

Joining Harvest Hosts

Rafter W Ranch joined the Harvest Hosts family very recently and has already welcomed a few guests! They sell their meat and eggs by appointment only and also offer opportunities to hiking and wildlife viewing. This gorgeous property is just waiting for future guests, so be sure to book your stay request soon! They currently offer one pet-friendly space for an RV of any size.

Rafter W Ranch is an amazing Harvest Hosts location in Northern Colorado, perfectly displaying the variety of the Harvest Hosts experience. Be sure to stop by on your next trip through the state.


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