Fuel Your Golf Addiction w/Harvest Hosts

Harvest Host members know two things for sure:

  1. RV life is great.
  2. A Harvest Host membership makes it even better.

Partnering with Harvest Hosts gives RVers access to 4862+ host sites throughout the United States and Canada with no camping fees…but the fun doesn’t stop there. For a golf enthusiast such as myself, Harvest Hosts gives me a unique opportunity to try my hand at golf courses throughout North America without spending extra money on accommodations. 

When some friends first told me about Harvest Hosts, they were so enthusiastic about the wineries and the breweries – and for good reasons. These venues are so much fun to experience on the road to new destinations. What my friends failed to tell me is that 400+ Host locations are actual golf courses. For someone who loves to play golf, that’s the real selling point!

If you love golf, a Harvest Hosts membership is a no-brainer.


Some golfers spend their whole life playing three or four local courses. Golfers with more time or money may have the luxury of traveling throughout their state or taking the occasional golf trip with their buddies. That’s all good and fine, but RVers can take their love of golf to another level. Pull thru your rig and enjoy a round of golf and dinner at the clubhouse before spending the evening at the course in your RV. It’s glamping for golfers!


Harvest Hosts is a perfect pairing for golf enthusiasts as it allows them to pursue their love for the game across state and territory lines without breaking the bank. A fairway in California is much different than a fairway in Florida, Harvest Hosts can help RVers experience both types of fairways and everything in between! 


If you’re a golfer who wants to play on different grasses, experience unique hazards, or test your hand at new golf venues, you can use your Harvest Hosts membership to start planning a golf-centric itinerary. Sam Leash wrote a great blog post highlighting Phoenix-area golf course hosts. That’s just one potential destination of hundreds!

If you’re exploring golf for the first time, you can use a Harvest Hosts membership to develop your skills.


As you travel throughout North America, find a host destination that appeals to you. It doesn’t have to be one of the golf hosts. If you find an area that has wineries, breweries, or farms, it’s highly likely that there’s a golf course nearby. I should point out that golf can be an intimidating sport at first. Some find the learning curve to be steeper than other sports. Even veteran players can take lessons on the road at the courses to gain tips and polish up their game. 


Don’t be discouraged! Much like RV life, we all start somewhere. Once you get the hang of swinging a club, you’ll be hooked. If you’re new to the game, use a website like Par 3 Near Me to help you find a nearby short course.


Short courses – sometimes referred to as par 3 or executive golf courses – are different from regulation golf courses. These venues are typically more friendly to beginners – both in the layout of the course and in the overall atmosphere. Pricing tends to be cheaper as well ($7-$20 a round versus $20 and up). These beginner-friendly golf options feature shorter hole distances and fewer hazards. This makes the golf course more accessible to newer golfers or those who don’t want to spend four hours on the links. Some short courses even offer free practice areas!


Before venturing into RV life, I ran a par 3 golf course for several years. I loved meeting golfers from all over the world, ranging from seasoned veterans and complete amateurs. Add yourself to the list!

Additional Reasons to Add Golf to Your RV Travel Schedule

You can make the most of your Harvest Hosts membership when you explore the many golf options at your fingertips, but there are other logical reasons to make golf a part of your travels. If you’re not the hiking/biking type, but you still love the great outdoors, the golf course brings a number of health benefits to the forefront.


How can golfing improve my health, you ask? The list is longer than you might think, but here’s the condensed version:


  • Fresh air (which research shows leads to increased energy)
  • Exposure to sunlight (which helps your body obtain Vitamin D)
  • Exercise (golfers can burn more than 1,000 calories in an 18 hole round)
  • Reduced stress (the color green and the smell of flowers promotes relaxation)
  • Brain exercise (golf requires hand-eye coordination, balance, math, and more)


We’re all guilty of a few bad habits when we’re on the road. I’ve eaten way too many sugar-coated convenience store apple pies. Golf gives travelers an opportunity to be grounded for a few hours (or a few days). Harvest Hosts makes this connection even more organic, so hit the links and have some fun!


Josh Wall

After watching way too many YouTube videos about RV life, Josh bought an old class C motorhome and began an 8-month renovation process. Thanks to his web design company, Josh and his family have the freedom to work from virtually any location. They enjoy traveling in their RV and stopping for the occasional golf outing along the way.


Harvest Hosts is not associated with referral links, if any, cited within this article.

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