Harvey’s RV Updates: Things I’ve Learned on the Road

Fresh Off The Farm, Rockport, ME

Greetings from this specialty shop with over 400 local vendors in Rockport, Maine. 

After some time with my friends in Canada, I decided to start heading south. I crossed into the United States near Calais, Maine—the border crossing agents gave me some funny looks, but I had no real problems. 

I was able to use several Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome locations between Halifax and Bar Harbor, Maine. There was no shortage of options either—over 30 locations on that short seven hour journey. 

On another note, let’s take a few minutes and get some updates happening around North America and the RV world. 

Destinations: Ocracoke, NC

While I am still focused on leaf chasing, I wanted to share one of the many great places in North Carolina this time of year. Ocracoke, NC is off the beaten path, and an amazing place to experience those island vibes. 

Ocracoke is a part of the outer banks of North Carolina, but isn’t as touristy as other islands. It has 16 miles of undeveloped coastline, and a campground that gives you all the feels of remote beach life. 

The Ocracoke Campground is operated by the National Park Service, and has 136 campsites available for camping 365 days a year. There are restrooms, running water, and short walking paths to the beach. The campground does not have hook ups at their sites, but as a Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome Member, you already know how to boondock!

The town of Ocracoke has that village feel that takes you back to quainter times. There are restaurants, shops, live music venues, and more for you to enjoy—when you don’t have your toes or hooves in the sand. 

When you make your way to Ocracoke, you’ll realize there isn’t a lot of parking to be found in the peak season, but during the shoulder seasons you might have better luck. Or you can just walk the island, bike, or even use your golf cart. The speed limit in town is 20 mph, and which works perfectly for a UTV or golf cart. 

If you want a place to slow down, listen to the waves, and forget about your worries, Ocracoke, NC is the spot for you! 

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News: Patagonia Is Demonstrating Compassionate Capitalism

Compassionate Capitalism is the thought or belief that businesses need to be held accountable for their impact on the environment, the treatment of their employees, and need to be equally accountable to their consumers. While there is a strong debate on whether or not these thoughts are here to stay, companies in the outdoor industry have an added pressure to act accordingly. 

Patagonia has always been a leader of this thought by giving 1% of its profits to environmental causes, and using 100% renewable energy for their owned and operated stores. 

In September 2022, they shocked the world by transferring the ownership of the company to two other non-profits that help fight climate change. With this move, Patagonia is giving $100 million annually to protect what we all love. “Instead of extracting value from nature and transforming it into wealth, we are using the wealth Patagonia creates to protect the source.” says Chouinard—Patagonia founder. 

Whether Compassionate Capitalism works or not, this is a bold statement—and one that needs to be admired. 

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Lifestyle: 10,000 Steps a Day May Reduce Specific Health Risks

Your health is something you shouldn’t take for granted. We have shared some tips for staying healthy while on the road, but it seems like there is something magical about walking 10,000 steps a day—20,000 for Alpacas because we have twice as many feet! Recent studies have shown that walking can dramatically decrease your chances of developing dementia. And while taking 9,800 steps a day showed the greatest benefits with a 50% reduction, there are other benchmarks worth noting.

If you don’t feel like 9,800 steps a day is realistic for you, the same study showed a 25% reduction in dementia with just 3,826 steps. I feel like I take this many every time I set up my RV. 

But it isn’t just the number of steps—the intentionality of those steps matters too. The pace at which you walk matters with around 40 steps per minute being an adequate pace. So if you can go for a daily walk, you may be doing more than just taking in the beautiful scenery. 

Is this something you can do for yourself? Start out small, and gradually increase your daily number of steps. You can check out the entire study below.

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Rigs: Do You Want a Boat or an RV? Why Not Both?

For the free spirit, having no external limits is the dream scenario. This German-built RV is pushing the limits not often pushed. A recreational vehicle (RV) that takes on the sea, lakes, and land—while offering a luxurious feel—seems far-fetched. But in Heidelberg, Germany, they are getting close to bringing this reality to market. 

Its design is masterful. The innovative pontoons that transition from a tucked position while driving—to extended while in the water—turn into a wrap-around deck. The plans are to have an expanding roof that would offer covered seating. Inside, you’ll have granite finishes, flat-screen TVs, and a solar-powered refrigerator and wine cooler. 

This could be the ultimate freedom for those who always struggle to decide between land or sea. Check out the full article below. 

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The E-bike Craze Might Be Cheaper than You Think

In February 2022, the US House and Senate passed a proposed law that might incentivize you—and many other RVers—to go ahead and pull the trigger on purchasing a new electric bike. The proposed law—that still needs the details ironed out, and to be signed by the President—would give a tax refund of up to 30% of the value of the e-bike purchased, with a $1,500 cap. 

One of the main reasons the e-bike craze hasn’t hit that tipping point yet is because of the extra $1,000 price tag, and the lack of experience that most people have with them. But with the 30% refund just waiting to be signed into law, we might see this tipping point sooner rather than later. 


With e-bike mania on the horizon, there are some things you ought to know about them:

  • First, they are amazingly fun! You get 5x the results for 1x the effort. And who doesn’t love that feeling? 
  • Second, studies have shown 15% of car trips made on an e-bike could reduce carbon emissions by 12%
  • Third, the e-bike laws aren’t consistent across the states. Here is a map that could help you start to see the differences.

To see more about this potential tax savings, check out the link below.

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Harvey’s New Hack from the Harvest Hosts Community

Have you ever been scrolling through your favorite social media platform and noticed some RVer with clutter all over their countertops? When I see that, I instantly think about having to put those things away every time I want to leave—especially potted plants. Well, a Harvest Hosts Member I met in Rockport, ME spilled the beans to me about how they do this. 

If you want to leave potted plants in the window sill, a container of coffee or sugar on the counter, or anything else out all the time, just use Museum Putty. Museum Putty is reusable, removable, and easy to use. 

Originally designed as a protectant against earthquakes, Museum Putty has become the standard for valuable pieces to be displayed, transported, and protected in RVs. Give it a try and let us know what you think.


Until Next Time, Harvest Hosts Members!

Each month I will be giving you an update with my travels, some RV news and destinations, and of course, highlighting some of the best farms, wineries, breweries, golf courses, and more around North America—all available through your Harvest Hosts Membership. In the meantime, you can stay in touch with me through our Harvest Hosts chat system at HarvestHosts.com. Talk to you soon! 

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