How to Plan the Ultimate RV Trip with RV Trip Wizard

How to Plan the Ultimate RV Trip with RV Trip Wizard & Harvest Hosts

Trips of any size require extensive preparation, especially with an RV. In order to help make your next trip the ultimate RV road trip, you’ll need the ultimate planning tool. RV Trip Wizard is a game-changer. Throughout this article, we’ll share ways that this website can enhance and improve your trip, along with some road-tripping basics to keep in mind. Between Harvest Hosts and RV Trip Wizard, it’s easier than ever to plan an affordable, yet extraordinary RV road trip. 

  1. Choose your main destination and consider adding new places to your itinerary.
  2. Use RV Trip Wizard to add 57,000 points of interest and plan exciting pit stops.
  3. Add your Harvest Hosts stops to your RV Trip Wizard route for a unique experience.
  4. Plan your itinerary with activities and durations for each destination.
  5. Book your dates in advance, especially for popular campgrounds and attractions.
  6. Set a budget, including gas expenses.
  7. Mix cooking in your RV with trying local foods to balance your food budget.
  8. Plan a reasonable budget for souvenirs and memorable purchases during your trip.

The Where

When planning a road trip or vacation, the primary job is to select your main destination. Some families or couples choose to take the same, familiar vacations to the same beloved locations, while others prefer to mix it up with new places and new faces. This phase of planning is usually the most fun and can be imaginative. Consider asking your kids where they’d like to go. Their answers may surprise you. 

Sights and Fun Stops

Sometimes families will plan their trips together and even allow kids to choose sights along the way to visit. Other times, people may enjoy surprising their children or spouse with an already-planned trip, complete with exciting pit stops. Either way, RV Trip Wizard has 57,000 points of interest loaded into their web-based software, making it easier than ever to add extras and pit stops to your route.  And with over 5,000 locations inside of the Harvest Hosts network, the possibilities are endless.

RV Trip Wizard

Did you know that you’re able to add in your Harvest Hosts stops to your RV Trip Wizard route? If you input your beginning and ending destinations, you can add your Host’s address along the route. Note: Your trip will need to be accepted by the Host before the address will be shown. 

Adding your Harvest Hosts location to your RV Trip Wizard trip is easy!

Plan your Itinerary

Now that you know where you’re going, it’s time to plan your itinerary. Having a rough idea of things you’d like to do at your destination(s) and how long you’ll have at each place is essential. Planning out an itinerary ahead of time will allow you to spend more time relaxing and less time stressing when you do finally reach your vacation destination.

By using RV Trip Wizard to plan that itinerary, you can eliminate scary surprises like low overpasses and fuel stations you can’t fit in or access. You can vet your entire route, including those Harvest Host locations, with satellite view, street view, elevation, and even grade. You’ll know exactly where you are supposed to go and when, and you’ll get there safely.

 RV Trip Wizard is part of RV LIFE Pro, which includes an RV safe mobile GPS for your phone, as well as free access to Maintain My RV. Take your RV journey with confidence, with RV LIFE.

The When

After you know what will encompass your entire journey, it’s time to book your dates. Many travelers plan a buffer day or two when returning in the event of traffic or an accident. It’s also nice to have a day to rest before jumping back into work or school. 

Most seasoned RVers know that campgrounds and popular attractions or destinations can become booked up pretty far in advance. It’s best to plan ahead as much as possible to give yourself a better chance to score the campsite(s) you want. Some campgrounds in popular national parks can be booked up to six months in advance. For the most part, Harvest Hosts locations are rarely filled to capacity. Requesting to stay at a Harvest Hosts location is easier than ever with the Request a Stay feature. Thousands of Harvest Hosts can be booked right from your computer or tablet without even needing to pick up the phone. 

Set a Budget

Once your reservations, bookings, and requests are all squared away, it’s time to set a budget. Everyone’s list can look a little different depending on the destination. However, it’s still important to set aside and agree upon the funds for your trip.


Calculating your gas budget can be tricky, especially for folks new to the RVing community. RV Trip Wizard will calculate your estimated cost of gas depending on your trip. Gone are the days of trying to figure out how many miles to the gallon your motorhome gets while towing (ouch!) multiplied by the miles, and other such factors.

Harvest Hosts Budget

Per the Code of Conduct, it’s recommended to spend at least twenty dollars at each Harvest Hosts location as a thank-you for the accommodations. This allows each small business to receive your support in exchange for the overnight stay. Almost every Harvest Hosts location offers some sort of goods or products for purchase (or animal to feed), so making a selection should be easy and enjoyable. Don’t forget to add this into your budget when planning your trip. 


Depending on the destinations that are planned, cooking in your RV can be a great way to stretch your budget further. Having a kitchen-on-wheels is just one of the many perks of RVing that can also make your trip more cost-effective. However, we understand that cooking on vacation can be a real damper. After all, trying foods in new locations is all part of the fun of traveling. For RV vacations, we suggest a mix of cooking and going out to eat in order to balance your budget a little more easily.

When traveling, try to think about your typical weekly grocery budget and cut that in half (don’t forget to budget for snacks on travel days!). Then you can begin to determine the needed funds for your restaurant and take-out budget.


Visiting new locations can be so exciting. National parks and other popular tourist destinations oftentimes have wonderful souvenirs that can help make your vacation even memorable. Children especially love purchasing souvenirs at the places they visit. Setting a reasonable budget for each location you plan to visit can help make your vacation more relaxed and controlled. 

When you break down planning into steps, it’s not so bad. You can even choose one of these tasks to plan per week until all of the planning is completed. We hope that these tips help when planning an unforgettable vacation! We also hope that you’ll be visiting some of our many Harvest Hosts locations across North America and using RV Trip Wizard to help plan your trip(s)!

Have you ever used an RV trip planning software? How did you like it? Are you planning you use the RV Trip Wizard software? Feel free to share in the comments below!


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  1. Phil
    25th June, 2022

    Used RV Trip Wizard for the first time and it was a dismal failure. Getting rid of it.

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  2. Harvest Hosts
    26th December, 2021

    Thank you for your feedback. At this time, our owner is choosing not to partner with Trip Wizard. While we think they have a fantastic product, our product IS our Host list and it is proprietary. We aren’t ready to share it. Hopefully, that is understandable.

    On each Host information page, there is an option to click on the map and it will connect for you.

    Happy Travels!

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  3. Billy
    25th December, 2021

    RV Trip Wizard is simply the best!
    Have you considered adding a tab on their site for Harvest Host?
    Happy New Year!

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