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Host Highlight: Fleurish Lavender of Lost Mountain—Sequim, Washington

Fleurish Lavender of Lost Mountain is a boutique, family-owned and run lavender farm with an apiary, fruit orchard, and alpacas. Tours, demonstrations, up-close experiences, and products available for purchase are a part of the experience. 

This Host is located in the shadows of the Olympic Mountains and is just a short drive to Olympic National Park. Sequim is a quaint town that offers everything you’d want in a small Pacific Northwest Town. 

Book your stay at FLeurish Lavender of Lost Mountain here


New RV Concept: Alternative Fueled RVs

Are you a fan of RV travel but concerned about the impact of your gas guzzling RV has on the environment? If so, you’ll be happy to know there are alternative fuel RVs coming in the future. The two most popular options are your typical EV—battery-powered—RVs and hydrogen-powered RVs. 

While EVs have been all the rage with cars over the past few years—thanks Tesla—the hydrogen fuel technology might be the better option for the future of RVs. Hydrogen fuel cells convert hydrogen gas into electricity, with the only byproduct being water vapor. They are still new to the market, but would offer a promising alternative to the traditional RV powered by gas—or diesel—without the frustrations that come with the battery technology. 

Read more about hydrogen powered RVs here


Destinations: Top State Parks in Each State

Are you tired of dealing with the crowds and congestion at national parks? While these iconic destinations are certainly worth a visit, sometimes it’s nice to escape the hustle and bustle. That’s where the state parks come in and are true hidden gems for the world traveler. 

State parks offer many of the same attractions and amenities as national parks, but with fewer crowds and less competition for campsites—plus a lot of state parks have amazing campground facilities in comparison. Many state parks are located off the beaten path, which means you can really get away from it all and immerse yourself in nature. Many will have hiking trails, biking trails, fishing spots, and even horseback riding areas. 

So if you’re an RV enthusiast looking for a more peaceful and relaxed outdoor experience, consider visiting the best state park in each state. You might just discover a new favorite spot that’s every bit as breathtaking as the more famous national parks. Check out this article highlighting the top state parks—in their opinion of course—in each state and start planning your next adventure today. 

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Product Alert: Solutions for Bouncy, Unstable Steps

Have you ever experienced the joy of nearly falling on your face while trying to enter or exit your RV? If so, you’re not alone. Unstable, bouncy steps can be a real problem, especially for those of us who value our balance and dignity. But fear not! There are several options available that can save the day. 

These products can easily eliminate the instability you experience as you enter and exit your RV. There won’t be anymore sagging, wobbling, shaking, or tipping over. Gone will be the days of feeling like you are a ten-ton-Tony as your steps bend with every step. 


Check out these two products below. 

The Lippert Solid Stance RV Step Stabilizer Kit is a perfect built in solution that permanently attaches to a wide variety of steps. Install is easy—about 20 minutes—and quality is tested. Check it out here.

Another option is the RV Step Stabilizer Set. It is a two piece set that is great for those who don’t move as often and don’t mind adding another step to their set up. It is cheaper and not a permanent attachment which means you can take it with you to your next rig. Check it out here


National Park News: National Park Foundation Launches Inclusive Storytelling Program

The National Park Foundation will fund over 30 projects in parks across the United States with more than $2 million to document and share diverse stories that helped shape the country’s history. 

These grants aim to feature stories, experience, and interpretations of communities previously excluded from the American story. The Inclusives Storytelling grants program will enable the National Park Service to update interpretive programs, websites, and visitor centers, as well as develop new interactive offerings. 

Examples of National Park Foundation grants to national parks include Hot Springs National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Thomas Edison National Historic Site, and Cesar E. Chavez National Monument. 

Will this be something you look forward to experiencing? Are you excited to learn about more opportunities? You can read more about this endeavor here


2024 Solar Eclipse

The next total solar eclipse is right around the corner. On April 8, 2024, we are predicted to experience the “biggest mass travel event in the United States,” according to the Travel Market Report. And if you don’t book your stay now, it might be too late. 

The eclipse is set to last nearly twice as long as the 2017 eclipse and attract even more attention. As a result, campgrounds have an opportunity to capitalize on this special event, with stargazing and other activities. 

Doug Arion, Executive Director of Mountains of Stars, believes campgrounds are perfect host locations for the eclipse, which offers a major revenue opportunity for parks and campgrounds. Even campgrounds that are outside the direct path of the eclipse are going to benefit from the partial solar eclipse. 

If you haven’t started looking at the path of totality, you might want to get started. 

Read the full article here


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