Mobile Workspace – Creating an Office in Your RV

One of the greatest advantages of the modern technological world is the location independence that it can often bring. Technology has allowed many people to leave the traditional office space behind and transition into a lifestyle where they can work from anywhere. Some of these digital nomads have chosen various types of RVs as their preferred method of travel.

While these homes on wheels offer many conveniences, providing travelers with a consistent place to sleep, eat, shower, and live, many are left wondering where exactly to work in their tiny home. After all, working from the road is what makes this lifestyle possible, so a mobile office of sorts should be a top priority when planning out your future RV home.

A smaller living space means that a private office is most likely out of the question. Because of this, many full-time RVers have had to get creative to carve out a dedicated workspace in their tiny home. Last month we asked full-timers to send us photos of their mobile workspaces, and these submissions were laden with creative ideas. If you are looking for inspiration for you RV work space, look no further!

1. Work from the dinette.

This is a very popular option for those who require only a laptop to work. Most RVs come equipped with a place for eating, called a dinette. This space can also double as a workplace. Many dinettes are set up with booth seating, which makes for a comfortable place to work. When it is time to eat, the laptop(s) can simply be stowed away for future use.

“Our Bowlus Road Chief is perfect for both of us to work in when we are on the road. The comfortable dinette doubles as a workstation. It’s separated from the en suite bathroom and Zen-like bedroom by privacy doors. It’s spacious, complete with under-table charging stations and situated next to a window—which gives us an inspiring view of a local winery, farm or other Harvest Host venue while we work!” ~ Geneva Long
“We have a table in our kitchen that we work from with bench seats on one side, a chair on the other, and a huge back window…It’s so nice to work with a view…Can’t forget the best part of our work space, our two office assistants. Levi Lyn is a 9 year old black lab and Stinson is the 7 month old dachshund pictured here. We can’t get these two to work past 4pm, and they take more “nap” breaks than most, but they’re loyal workers overall.” ~ Kelsey Kiessig


2. Work from the couch.

Some digital nomads prefer to work from their couch instead of their dinette. This option may not work as well for those who require a flat surface to work from, but if you can do without a desk or table, the couch can be a much more comfortable workspace. Some couches even have recliners for ultimate comfort. This also allows for furry coworkers to join you at your desk!

“Since I only need a laptop for my telecommuting job, I work from the recliner. Ted sits at my feet and helps me out!” ~ Christina Pate


3. Work outside!

If the weather is nice and you want a change of scenery, outside is always a lovely place to work. Many campgrounds and RV park sites have picnic tables that make a great desk. If no picnic table is available, you could always work from a camp chair or your own portable table. Besides, who wouldn’t want to work with a beautiful view?

“I prefer to work anywhere outside where we are camped – this photo is from when we were parked in Jacksonville, Florida. This was my view and picnic table workspace.” ~ April Pishna


4. Convert one of the cockpit chairs into a workspace.

In a motorhome, the cockpit area often goes unused while not traveling. However, some nomads have found clever ways to incorporate the cockpit into their space by changing it into a work area. Many opt to work from a pullout tray or from the dashboard in the passenger chair. Some have even found a way to incorporate the drivers chair by building a desk over the steering wheel. Each of these methods offers a comfy work chair and ample desk space, while also leaving both the table and the couch free for other activities.

“I work from a pullout table on the passenger side of the cockpit.” ~ Pam Hernandez
“I converted the driver’s seat by putting a desktop on the steering wheel. Then I placed the monitor and printer on the dash.” ~ Brian Walthers


5. Replace the dinette or the couch with a desk or workspace.

Many nomads choose to customize their RV prior to traveling or moving in. One of these such customizations is often a workspace. Instead of working from the dinette or from the couch, some may choose to remove one or both of those features and install a desk instead. If having a designated workspace is important, this may be the best option.

“We converted the dining table into a desk. Everything except the monitors are held in place with museum putty. The monitors quickly disconnect and stow for travel.” ~ Melinda Collings
“Ragnar is my mobile office working buddy!”


6. Work from bed.

Some smaller RVs or vans may be equipped with essentials only. Because of this, there may not be room for a separate dinette, desk or couch. In this case, the traveler may choose to work from bed, propped up with pillows. Some may even choose to create a sort of desk over their bed, which is an incredible use of space.

“This is my simple, cozy escape.” ~ Bre Henderson


7. Create a custom desk space.

If you are already planning to remodel or renovate, why not set aside a specific space dedicated to your work? This could be a workbench for those with more creative jobs, or even a nice custom desk with room for a large monitor. Customizing your own work area leaves you with the ability to decide exactly what kind of space you would like. This may even lead to further productivity. The following photos are all custom spaces in RVs and could provide lots of inspiration for your own future work space.

“I have a custom built standing desk. I created this so that I could easily it take down and stow away when traveling or when I needed extra lounge space for visitors!” ~ Stacey Powers
“My mobile office consists of a stand up desk with dual monitors. Our mac mini, Apple TV, 4K smart tv, blue ray, media server and printer are all connected through Ethernet to the router. Sound for all devices is through optical on the Bose sound bar. A Logitech 900 smart remote controls all devices and programmed activities.” ~ Mike Wilcox
“We built in a table top, above-drawer unit, where we placed our Drobo data storage units for each of our workstations. It was important to us to have a space where we could both work on photographs we shoot on the road. We also wanted all our past images to be accessible as well. We were both commercial photographers, who closed studios to live and photograph as we travel America full time.” ~Oscar & Liz Williams
“As I renovated the interior of my camper I pulled out the dinette and built a workbench instead! I’m a leathersmith, so having a place to create within my home is key.” ~ Aubrey Hancock
“I’m a full-time traveler and full-time seamstress. We converted the garage area of our TT into a combined workspace for myself and bunk bedroom for our 4 year old. With a little creativity, we’ve managed to fit everything we need to run our business and live our lives to the fullest in our 36-foot RV!” ~ Amy DeRosa


Work from Anywhere

As technology continues to allow many to ditch the traditional office and live a life of nomadic wanderings, mobile office spaces will continue to increase in importance. Between using spaces already present in RVs (dinettes, couches, beds), and building custom spaces, the workspace options are endless. With a little creativity and planning, you too can create the perfect mobile office that will travel with you wherever you go.

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  1. Sam Leash
    18th October, 2021

    Hey Garrett! I have seen this done before. Opposite of this situation, I actually use my huge computer monitor as a TV at times, as well. Having dual-use items in an RV is often a necessity to save space!

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  2. Garrett
    10th October, 2021

    Idea: Has anyone ever used a flatscreen TV in the bedroom or dinette as a Monitor (connected to a laptop, docking station, wireless keyboard and mouse)?

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  3. Sam Leash
    29th June, 2020

    Glad you enjoyed the post! I have an unlimited cell phone plan with AT&T and an unlimited hotspot device with Verizon. This ensures that I have plenty of service to work, while also expanding my list of potential campsites.

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  4. Benjamin M Warren
    21st June, 2020

    Thanks Sam for a great post, If you don’t mind me asking, what do you use for internet service? In these current times I am looking to support remote Zoom calling. Thanks-Ben

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  5. Sam Leash
    6th December, 2019

    Hey Mike, so glad to hear you found these suggestions and pictures helpful! 🙂

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  6. Mike Smith
    6th December, 2019

    These are great ideas and the pictures really help to imagine them. I’m sure RV owners will appreciate the suggestions!

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