Power, Responsibility, and Batteries | Roads & Stays Episode 11


In episode 11 of Roads and Stays Audio Magazine, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Denis Phares, a visionary in the field of power and environmental sustainability. Join us as we uncover the remarkable insights and groundbreaking work of Dr. Phares, as he educates us about the critical intersection of power, renewable energy, and a greener future.

A Conversation with Dr. Denis Phares

Our episode kicked off with a warm welcome to Dr. Denis Phares, who graciously shared his journey from academia to entrepreneurship. A distinguished expert with a background in environmental engineering science, Dr. Phares has dedicated his life to understanding and mitigating the impacts of climate change.

Empowering Change: Renewable Energy and Beyond

Dr. Phares debunked the myth of “creating” power, emphasizing that power is harnessed and converted from other energy sources. He shed light on the urgent need to transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, highlighting the detrimental effects of carbon emissions on our planet.


Intriguingly, Dr. Phares unveiled the role of batteries as the linchpin in the transition to renewable energy. With captivating clarity, he underscored how energy storage is akin to financial planning, stressing the importance of wisely managing our energy “savings” for a sustainable future.

Confronting Climate Change: Challenges and Opportunities

With a seasoned perspective, Dr. Phares delved into the connection between carbon dioxide emissions and extreme weather events. He illuminated the intricate relationship between carbon dioxide levels and rising temperatures, leading to a rise in climate-related disasters.


Amidst the discussion of challenges, Dr. Phares exuded optimism. He envisioned a world powered by renewable energy, where RVers, boondockers, and sailors lead the way in sustainable living. He celebrated their meticulous planning, which sets an inspiring example for energy-conscious lifestyles.

Sustainable Living: From RVers to Global Citizens

Dr. Phares commended the resourcefulness of RVers and van lifers, who have embraced off-grid living and conscious energy consumption. He praised their innovative spirit and detailed arithmetic in energy management, highlighting the crucial role of planning in minimizing waste.


As the conversation unfolded, Dr. Phares extended his insights to wider applications. He discussed the potential for integrating renewable energy and advanced battery technologies into traditional homes, enhancing the quality of life while reducing carbon footprints.

A Call to Action: Educate, Embrace, Engage

Dr. Phares concluded by issuing a call to prioritize education and unity. He urged for a renewed focus on science, math, humanities, and environmental responsibility, emphasizing the collective effort required to secure a better future for generations to come.


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With Dr. Phares as our guide, let’s venture forth on a path towards a greener and more sustainable future, where the harmonious integration of power and the environment propels us to new horizons.


Listen to the Full Episode here.

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