Rving? Here’s Why You Should Bring Your Dog

One of the reasons RVing is such a popular pastime is that it’s a fun, interesting, and educational venture that can be done as a family! But… Does your family include your dog? 

If you’ve never taken your pup RVing with you on a road trip before, you’re missing out. It’s not as complicated or difficult as it sounds, so why not plan to take your pooch with you on your next RV adventure? 

Here’s why you should, and how to do it with as little stress as possible! 


Why Take Your Pup?

Do we really need a justifiable reason to take our fluffy best friends with us on the road? Their joyful tail wags and cuddliness are enough for them to make great companions on any trip. 

But if you’re looking for some pinpoint reasons, here are just a few. 



Great Company 

It’s a fact: when you spend a lot of time together, eventually there will be snippiness and annoyance at the people you’re with. Sometimes, you’ll just need a moment away from everyone. 

Dogs, though, are always good company! Sure, there may be moments of annoyance, but somehow we have a much harder time holding grudging feelings against a furry friend. 

It’s also great company for your pup. Instead of being in a kennel or with a dog sitter, he’s with the people he loves most, having an adventure! Happy family, and happy dog. 




Goofiness is a given when you travel with a dog. 

Their shaky excitement at being in the RV, those flapping jowls when they need some air, and the sheer joy and freedom when they’re let out for a run around on a stop… What’s not to love? 

Let’s face it—while RVing is a fantastic way to travel, it’s filled with blocks of time in which all you do is drive… Through nothing. 

Entertainment can be hard to find on the road, but a goofy, happy dog can make for hours of fun (for the kids) and a relief from endless hours staring at the road. 



Instagrammable Photos! 

Photos or it didn’t happen! We’re all equipped with camera phones and taking snaps is the perfect way to keep those memories alive

Have you ever met a dog who wasn’t photogenic? Their absurd happiness and goofy antics add an element of fun and love to every photo. 

If you enjoy sharing your RV photos on social media, pup pics will get many Aaaaws. 



What to Pack for Your Pup 

You can’t just grab your pooch on the way out the door and put him in the RV as you drive off. You’ll need to do a bit of planning, preparation, and packing just as you would for yourself or a child. 

Here’s what you need to consider packing in your pup’s suitcase for your RV trip: 

Safety Gear 

Keeping your dog safe on the road is the biggest thing you’ll need to consider. Remember, he may not be used to the movement of the RV, so he could be uncomfortable, feel slightly ill, or be prone to injury. 

Some accessories to consider taking with you include: 

  • Dog Seatbelt Harness: to keep him strapped in and safe while the RV is moving. 
  • ID Tag: his name and your details, on his collar in case he happens to get lost. 
  • Dog Crate: a space for him to “go” when he needs, and to contain him if necessary. 
  • First Aid Kit: to treat potential wounds and illnesses – dogs get car sick too! 
  • Ramps: these can help your pooch get in and out more easily, especially if he’s older. 
  • Vet’s Info: do some research and update this regularly to the nearest one to you. 

Road Trip Snacks 

A road trip isn’t the same without some proper snacks. Don’t forget your pup needs to eat and drink too! He’ll also need regular bathroom breaks. Don’t forget that! Remember to take: 

    • Travel Bowls: these stack into each other and take up little space. 
    • Dog Food: enough to last your whole trip, or at least until you can buy more. It is advisable to bring food that will not cause flatulence while traveling.
  • Fresh Water: make sure there’s a constant supply – dehydration can be deadly.  
  • Treats: when the family snacks, the pup snacks too! 



Comfort Stuff 

An RV should be a home away from home, for both the humans and the pup. He needs to be comfortable and feel at ease. Make sure to take: 

  • His Dog Bed: so he has a spot of his own inside the RV. 
  • Warm Blanket:  to keep him warm when the temperature drops. 
  • Dog Brush: to give him some attention when he needs soothing. 


Dogs need toiletries too! You wouldn’t want a dirty, smelly dog sitting next to you while you’re driving. Make sure you pack the following to keep him clean and fresh: 

  • Waste Bags: obey the law and clean up after your dog. 
  • Flea & Tick Powder/Shampoo: to keep sneaky lurkers away. 
  • An Outdoor Shower: no muddy or stinky dogs in the RV! 


Just like kids, dogs need entertainment and stimulation. Make sure you have some of his favorite things nearby so he has something to keep him busy when he gets bored. 

  • His Leash: for when you’re having a break and have some space to run. 
  • Your Dog’s Toys: to stave off boredom while the RV is on the move. 
  • Interactive Toys: puzzle toys keep your pup’s mind active. 


If you thought RVing couldn’t get better, now you know it can. Take your pup along for the perfect family trip! Just make sure to find a pet-friendly host, and you’ll be a-okay. 

Be sure to keep him safe, comfy, and happy as you go. He’ll be absurdly happy that you’re bringing him with you on your adventure, and your days and nights will be cuddlier and cuter with your fluff onboard. 

Happy RVing! 

Author Biography: Mike is a dog fanatic, RV enthusiast, and writer, and uses his extensive experience with dogs to bring you valuable, practical tips and reviews over at Dog Embassy.


In order for our hosts to continue letting dogs join you in your stays, please clean up after your pet!

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