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Harvest Hosts is a unique RV membership program with a large network of available hosts. So far, 5174+ locations have opened their hearts and their homes and/or businesses to members of the Harvest Hosts RVing community. Through this program, members receive overnight accommodations with no camping fees in unique and peaceful places across North America. In return, members must make a purchase to support the small business that hosts them. Of these Hosts, Sauvage Spectrum in Palisade, Colorado is particularly special. Here, you can learn all about this winery’s history, its operations today, its origins within the Harvest Hosts community, and what future visitors can expect to experience. 

The History

Sauvage Spectrum’s history is rooted in passion. Kaibab and Patric began their adventure into winemaking in 2019. Kaibab Sauvage is the wine grower of Sauvage Spectrum. For all of his life, he has been consumed by the process of growing and nurturing plants. Kaibab is the owner of Colorado Vineyard Specialists and has been perfecting the process of growing grapes for over two decades. Patric Matysiewski, the winemaker, has been part of the the fermenting business for over ten years and has won fifteen awards across Colorado for his wines.

Sauvage Spectrum is all about collaboration, creativity, and the best of Colorado. If you’ve never had Colorado wine, you’ll be in for a real treat here. Colorado has a surprisingly booming wine industry. Sauvage Spectrum explains it best in this description of their grapes, saying they are, “…grown with melted snow from the steep slopes of the Rocky Mountains, via irrigation from the Colorado River. The ‘million dollar breeze’ blows through the high desert valley, developing thick skins on our grapes. The sunshine beats down on the valley floor, an ancient riverbed, radiating off the Bookcliffs and surrounding mesas. Warm days and cool nights allow our fruit to ripen but retain acidity for balance. Alluvium silt, sand, and clay loam soils with the addition of volcanic rock lend a unique minerality to our wines.”

The Business Today

Despite their recent beginnings with the wine industry, Sauvage Spectrum is making a real name for themselves. They opened just before the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has been no small feat. The pandemic has caused major setbacks for almost all businesses, both small and large, so you can only imagine its effect on a business that is just getting started.

However, Kaibab and Patric didn’t let this hold them back. Despite all odds, they continue to produce award-worthy wines and ensure that folks can sample them. They have held socially-distanced tastings and masked outdoor events to continue to promote their wines and share their passion throughout this year.

Joining Harvest Hosts

Sauvage Spectrum joined Harvest Hosts shortly after opening in spring of 2020. From the get-go, they have been a popular Host location for members to visit. They have had dozens of visitors from all over that have enjoyed their products. Natasha Sauvage, Kaibob’s wife, is the main point of contact for Harvest Hosts members. She thoroughly enjoys sharing her passion for the area she grew up in and around the workings of the business. Natasha has made several new friends through Harvest Hosts and loves hearing stories and adventures from the travelers. 

Harvest Hosts owner, Joel Holland, visited Sauvage Spectrum and absolutely adored his time there. He created a video to showcase just how special and unique the winery is. 

Sauvage Spectrum is an incredible winery that showcases some of the very best of the Harvest Hosts experience. This is well-worth a stop or a visit next time you are passing through the Grand Junction area of Colorado.

Have you visited Sauvage Spectrum? Would you like to visit one day? Do you have any other hosts you would like to recommend for a feature? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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