Stopping by Stoneyard Distillery

Harvest Hosts is an incredibly unique RV membership program. Through this program, members are granted access to 5166+ host locations across North America for overnight accommodations with no camping fees. To support each of these businesses, members typically make a small purchase of wine or produce or whatever it is that the business is selling or offering. Locations include establishments such as farms, wineries, breweries, museums, restaurants, attractions, and more. Stoneyard Distillery is a great example of one of our incredible hosts. Located by i-70 in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, this location distills all of their own liquor from Colorado beet sugar. Continue on to learn all about the business, its history, the operation today, and its joining of the Harvest Hosts program.

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The History

In 2013, Stoneyard Distillery began production of beet sugar spirits, drawing the name from the old stone yard that surrounded it. Located just above the confluence of the Eagle and Colorado Rivers, this site was chosen for its great water source. A private water system pulls Rocky Mountain water directly from the river, allowing for pure and fresh flavos. The distillery itself also sits on a 4,000-year-old lava flow of the Dotsero Volcano, making this place truly one-of-a-kind. The lava rock provides the vapor refining distillation packing in the still that was hand-built by the distillery owners. Visitors from all over recognize that the true “Spirit of Colorado” is surely distilled directly into the spirits of Stoneyard Distillery. They encourage visitors to come pay them a visit and see for themselves!

The Business Today

Today, Stoneyard continues to operate their distillery in their beautiful tasting rooms. One tasting room is in Glenwood Springs, while the other sits in the town of Dotsero. Both feature an industrial-looking setting and an excellent variety of spirits, including bourbon and spirits infused with coffee, cinnamon, and horchata. In addition to selling tastings and bottles at their two locations, they also sell spirits both online and at a wide variety of liquor stores across Colorado, New Mexico, and beyond! Be sure to use their finder (on their website) to locate a private retailer near you!

Their tasting rooms have seasonally changing hours, but they sometimes open for private appointments outside of their regular hours. Be sure to give them a call if you plan to drop by!

Joining Harvest Hosts

Stoneyard Distillery became a Harvest Hosts location over three years ago, and they have since hosted many satisfied members. In addition to tours and tastings, they also have both a gift shop and a patio area available. The owners ask that all Harvest Hosts guests arrive by 6pm on the day of their planned arrival. This allows for plenty of time to both park and visit their location. They currently have fifteen pet-friendly spaces available for RVs of any size!

Stoneyard Distillery is an amazing Harvest Hosts location in western Colorado, excellently displaying the uniqueness of the Harvest Hosts experience. Be sure to stop by on your next trip through central Colorado.

Have you visited Stoneyard Distillery? How did you like it? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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  1. Annmarie
    28th March, 2022

    Hi Sam,

    Just wanted to drop by and let you know I enjoyed reading your blog about the Harvest Hosts Distillery in western Colorado. I’m hoping to join in May when my van is completed and this destination is on my list. Looking forward to reading more….


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  2. Linda
    8th December, 2021

    This was our initial Harvest Host stay; we felt like we hit the jackpot for location, outstanding staff and owners, and their creations are fantastic.
    We have returned since. Very consistently excellent.

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  3. Cecilia
    8th December, 2021

    We stayed at the Dotsero Stoneyard during Summer, 2020. It was right off I-70 and a very convenient stop en route West. Due to Covid, they had limited hours, but were very kind to let us in and show us around their facility. They were making hand sanitizer and selling it in small six- packs. 😉.

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  4. Joy
    8th December, 2021

    My traveling companion and I stayed at the Stoneyard distillery in 2019! Loved it! We had a wonderful tour of the business side of the business and then enjoyed a lovely tasting! The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable! The product out of this world delicious!

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