Lavender Essentials of Vermont

Visiting Lavender Essentials of Vermont

Harvest Hosts is a unique membership program for anyone that owns a self-contained RV. Through Harvest Hosts, members gain yearly access to 5163+ locations across the country (and even some internationally) for overnight accommodations with no camping fees. These locations range from wineries and breweries to golf courses, museums, farms, and other interesting businesses. In exchange for one night’s stay, members must patronize the business with a purchase. During this experience, visitors not only get to stay the night with no camping fees, but they receive a priceless behind-the-scenes look into the business. One of the most scenic Harvest Hosts locations is Lavender Essentials of Vermont in the tiny village of Derby Line. Continue reading to learn all about this lavender farm and the products they offer, and check out more RV camping in Vermont.

The History

Meet Pierre and Michele Capron. They stepped away from their stressful jobs to begin a lavender farm in 2017. Both grew up on dairy farms and were thrilled to be able to start Lavender Essentials of Vermont on Michele’s family’s land, just as her grandparents once did. Despite the Northern Kingdom of Vermont area not being the ideal climate for lavender, the farm persists. The key, as Pierre describes, is to establish the plant Not only is Michele a lavender farmer, but she is also a certified aromatherapist. She is dedicated to providing her customers with the highest quality of therapeutic-grade lavender oil. 

Lavender has been used for centuries for many reasons, and it is believed to have originated in the Mediterranean. The Romans once used lavender oil in their baths, and soldiers had their wounds dressed with lavender oil, as well. In the Middle Ages, Europeans used lavender in aromatherapies. Today, many continue to use lavender as an insect repellent and to soothe sunburns. It’s also used to treat depression, headaches, as a sleep aid, to reduce stress, and more. 

The Business Today

Lavender Essentials of Vermont farms five types of English lavender, one French lavender, chamomile, mint, and sunflowers. During the peak seasons, visitors can partake in U-Pick of any of their crops. They also have a small shop on-site filled with lavender products made with their own harvested lavender. Some favorite items include cold-press soaps, aromatherapy lotion, muscle pain gel, sugar scrub, and even lavender maple syrup. 

The farm has three main principles of operation. Firstly, their vision is “growing lavender allows our family to combine our love of the plant with our love of the land.  We feel this is a great way to raise a family, build a strong business, benefit our community, and a beautiful way to stay in love and grow old together.”

And lastly, their values are as follows: “We aspire to create a viable, sustainable farm-focused business that we can pass on to our children, continuing our family’s farming legacy. Our plan is to bring awareness to specialty crop farming, and will educate the public about agricultural management, and the farming culture of our great state. We believe in the health benefits of essential oils, lavender, and aromatherapy practices, and will encourage personal wellness through education.” These values helped to shape the entire operation into what it is today.

Other Services and Offerings

The farm also offers unique packages that give visitors a completely different experience. Visitors can choose a stargazing package during the summer to view the night sky uninterrupted by light pollution. The Capron’s are able to tailor this night for couples or families to make it truly special. Visitors can also book a romantic date night, or even a Mother’s Day package. 

Joining Harvest Hosts

Lavender Essentials began partnering with Harvest Hosts in July 2019 after one of their customers referred them to the program. They have also partnered with both HipCamp and Tentrr. After learning about the joint partnership available through Harvest Hosts, they couldn’t wait to host RVs. 

Visiting Lavender Essentials of Vermont

Nearly all Harvest Hosts members are elated with the experience of parking their RV and sleeping next to a lavender field. The farm is also famous for its beautiful 360-degree views. The Caprons have a saying on their farm that goes, “People come for the lavender, but leave talking about the amazing views.” Through Harvest Hosts, Pierre and Michele have met many travelers who have felt like part of the family, even if only for a day. 

Who couldn’t use a relaxing night’s stay surrounded by serene lavender fields? Additionally, the opportunity to bring home lavender products allows visitors to continue the relaxation at home, or on the road. This sounds like the perfect escape from the warmer months, or the perfect setting for a special date night, like an anniversary. If you find yourself in the Northern Kingdom of Vermont, be sure to stop by and leave a review on Harvest Hosts website!

Have you ever visited the Lavender Essentials of Vermont farm? What is your favorite herb or essential oil? Tell us about it in the comments below!


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    29th June, 2020

    The lavender should be in bloom from mid-summer until early-mid fall!

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  2. jodi bird
    20th May, 2020

    This sounds wonderful! When is the lavender in bloom?

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