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Harvest Hosts is an incredibly unique RV membership program. Through this program, members are granted access to 4862+ host locations across North America for overnight accommodations with no camping fees. To support each of these businesses, members typically make a small purchase of whatever it is that the business is offering. Locations include establishments such as farms, wineries, breweries, museums, restaurants, attractions, and more. Smiling Toad Brewery is a great example of one of our fantastic hosts. Found in the beautiful city of Colorado Springs, this brewery carries thirteen or more beers on tap in their beautiful, old-style downtown tavern.

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The History 

Smiling Toad first opened in May 2013 after Biff and Patti Morehead bought out and renamed Kevin Baity Kraft Beers, one of Colorado Springs’ first nanobreweries, founded in 2011. For the next sixteen months, he operated on a half-barrel system on East Bijou Street with a tasting room that could hold a dozen people, if three of them stood. At the time, they jokingly referring to the Smiling Toad as the “smallest brewery in the world.” Then, in 2018, Biff and Patti purchased Thirsty Tavern and began a years-long renovation project, adding new floors, new ceilings, and a ten-barrel brewing operation. Last year, Smiling Toad reopened its doors as the brewery we see today, now owning the title of one of the largest brewery taprooms in Colorado Springs, and the rest is history.

The Business Today

Today, Smiling Toad Brewery continues to operate in their newly-renovated location, which provides a great brewery experience overall. The brewing operation is located on the bottom floor of the building while the taproom is upstairs. The incredible patio deck is covered on three sides, providing shade in the summer. It also provides an amazing view of the mountains, with propane heaters available for use during the winter months. Furthermore, they currently offer thirteen beers on tap, including a wide variety of IPAs, ales, stouts, sours, and more.

Joining Harvest Hosts

Smiling Toad joined the Harvest Hosts family about eight months ago. Since then, they have welcomed a variety of guests from all over the country. They are open to members seven days per week all year long, and they require a phone call to book a reservation. Past guests have greatly enjoyed meeting Biff and taking tours to learn about the beer production and the facility. In addition to sales, tastings, and tours, they have an outdoor, pet-friendly patio. Smiling Toad has two pet-friendly spaces available for RVs under thirty-five feet in length.

Smiling Toad Brewery is an amazing Harvest Hosts location in beautiful Colorado Springs. This location perfectly showcases the incredibility of the Harvest Hosts experience. Be sure to stop by on your next trip through Colorado.

Have you visited Smiling Toad Brewery, and did you enjoy your visit? Tell us all about your experiences in the comments below!

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