Voyaging to Vino Salida Wine Cellars

Harvest Hosts is an incredibly unique RV membership program. Through this program, members are granted access to 5163+ host locations across North America for overnight accommodations with no camping fees. To support each of these businesses, members typically make a small purchase of wine or produce. Locations include establishments such as farms, wineries, breweries, museums, restaurants, attractions, and more. Vino Salida Wine Cellars is a prime example of one of our awesome hosts. Located in the Arkansas River Valley of Colorado, this winery has been growing grapes and bottling wine since 2009. Continue on to learn all about the winery, its history, the business today, and its joining of the Harvest Hosts program.

The History

Vino Salida’s winemaker, Steve Flynn, first began making wine in 1984, when he was in high school. After graduating college, we went on to work as a cook in several restaurants across the United States. In 2002, he began a job as a cellar hand at Mountain Spirit Winery. As a result, he caught the wine bug, and the rest is history! Vino Salida Wine Cellars began in 2009, when Steve moved his operation from his backyard to a small commercial space just outside of Salida. Previously, Steve had been stomping Colorado grapes with friends to make wine for years. This tradition continues to live on in the winery’s annual grape stomp on the autumnal equinox each year. Vino Salida grew from a vision to celebrate agriculture and community with wine!

The Business Today

Today, Vino Salida Wine Cellars continues to thrive as an awesome local wine bar and tasting room. Winemaker, Steve Flynn, has worked closely with Colorado grape and honey producers to forge long-lasting relationships. Steve’s drive to craft quality products has led to many different styles of wine, all tasting unique and purely Coloradan.

Wines including Vino Rosso di Salida, BeeVino Semi-Sweet Mead, and the Rosso Vino Vermouth have received medals at the 2019 Colorado Governor’s Cup. Visitors can book a tour online and visit the winery in scenic Poncha Springs for wine tasting, dining, and now craft beer and spirits. There is plenty to see and enjoy here, with wines and cocktails for any palate.

Joining Harvest Hosts

Vino Salida joined Harvest Host two years ago, and they have since been working on making the RV experience the best it can be. Most of their Harvest Hosts members have not heard of the company before, and they are typically pleasantly surprised to find such an oasis in the heart of Colorado. Many come to find their new favorite Colorado Wine. They have live music on Friday and Saturday nights, which has been a favorite amongst the RVing community. One of their featured products is a 1.5L wine pouch, which comes in a dry red blend, a white blend, and a sangria. RVers tend to love this product as well.

Vino Salida is located just four miles West of the City of Salida. There, you can find world-class art and entertainment situated on the beautiful banks of the Arkansas River. This area is an untapped treasure in the state for rafting, hiking, biking and more. They invite you to come and check it out!

Vino Salida features excellent wines, small plates and a relaxing atmosphere. The area, the winery, and the environment combine to make this an excellent RVing destination. Be sure to stop by next time you find yourself in southern Colorado!

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